Tinder is now giving everyone the chance to become a matchmaker on the dating app.

The people behind it are testing a new share feature, allowing users to send links of certain profiles that they think would be a good match for some of their friends.

"We are testing the ability to play matchmaker on Tinder. While swiping through potential matches, a small group of users may see the option to share a profile they come across. Tapping the 'share' icon will allow you to send a temporary link via text to a friend, and give them the ability to swipe on the profile you shared," Tinder says.

Anyone looking to share a profile will be redirected to a specific page for it. From that point forward, it will be more or less like how sharing works on other mobile apps. The generated link will expire after it has been clicked on five times or when 72 hours have passed, whichever comes first, according to Tinder. That means that when a user posts it on a social media website such as Facebook, it could disappear within seconds, given that they have friends who are curious or interested.

Also, when the recipient of the link swipes right, their profile could pop up in the recommendations list of the other user, provided that their preferences are in tune.

For those who don't want to be caught up in this whole shindig, they can opt out of it via the Discovery Settings. At any rate, the feature will roll out to only a "small group of users" for now.

This comes across as a little odd, as the main point of Tinder is based on serendipity. Carefully planned matches sort of defeat that purpose, but a helping hand probably won't hurt. Well, it's just a test after all, so everyone's guess is as good as anyone else's whether it will go official or not.

Of course, if the wingman deal still doesn't land you the match of your dreams, then the problem could simply be the timing.

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