The Bachelor Finale Recap: Ben Higgins Now Engaged To...


If you're a Bachelor fan and haven't seen the show's season ender yet, you might want to take a pass from reading this article as it contains some major spoilers.

From start to finish, viewers of ABC's hit reality series "The Bachelor" were kept on the edge of their seat as they anxiously waited to find out who among the 28 contestants gets to win the heart of the show's lead, Ben Higgins.

The 27-year-old software salesman from Colorado got the chance to meet each of the lovely ladies, and after 12 heart-pounding episodes filled with tension and drama, he was able to whittle down the number of bachelorettes to two: real estate developer JoJo Fletcher from Texas and flight attendant Lauren Bushnell from Oregon.

While Ben told both Lauren and JoJo that he was very much in love with them, a move that was quite questionable at best, he chose to propose to Lauren instead, which the lovely lass from West Linn happily accepted.

In the lead up to the show's finale, Lauren and JoJo were introduced to Ben's parents, where his mom told the young hero that she finds it disturbing that he is in love with two girls.

It was followed up by Ben's one-on-one dates with the ladies to help him decide which of them he is willing to spend his happy days with.

Ben's last date with JoJo turned out to be more emotional than expected as she broke down from all the pressure of the competition. She even asked Ben for some words to comfort her before he makes his choice.

In yet another mind-boggling move, Ben admitted to JoJo that even though he was in love with her, he also feels the same for Lauren.

Ben was so conflicted with his feelings for the two ladies that even when he finally bid goodbye to JoJo during the Break Up Limo scene, he said that he was not even sure if he should propose to Lauren.

"I came into this not knowing if I was gonna find love. I didn't know if this would be real... but with you it was real, always," Ben told JoJo. "I found it with you but I found it with somebody else more."

Ben ultimately chose to be with Lauren and she accepted his engagement ring.

JoJo may not have found her love in Ben but she gets another crack at it after she was announced as the titular "Bachelorette" for the show's 12th season.

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