Toyota shocked the auto industry last month, when it announced that it would be ending its line of Scion cars, which it built up to appeal to younger drivers for nearly 13 years.

As part of the announcement, it was revealed that Scion models would be absorbed back into its parent company, with founding vice president of the edgy brand Jim Lentz saying, "this isn't a step backward for Scion — it's a leap forward for Toyota."

That being said, just because Toyota is doing away with the line doesn't mean the automaker doesn't want Scion to ride off in style. That's exactly what the cool brand will do, as Toyota announced Wednesday that Scion will be showing off an exclusive set of concepts at the New York International Auto Show next week, beginning March 25.

It's a fitting scene, too, considering the same auto show is where Scion first made its debut 14 years ago in a then-concept stage.

This year's showing will have Scion unveiling its Kei Miura-inspired tC Release Series 10.0, which Toyota calls "a display of some of its most impressive project cars, and cool swag" yet. That includes the brand's popular tC sports coupe. Toyota hopes Miura, who is known for his JDM aerodynamic designs, will help Scion to make some final, memorable impact with the final edition MY16 tC Release Series 10.0. He has great chance of doing just that with the tC RS 10.0 offering Miura's designed Aero Kit, tricked out with a front-lip spoiler, rocker panels, rear-lower spoiler and deck spoiler.

Only 1,200 RS 10.0 tC coupes will be available, beginning in June, through Scion by Toyota dealerships.

"For those enthusiasts looking for a piece of history, this is a great opportunity to own our best tC ever," Scion vice president Andrew Gilleland said as part of the company's release statement. "With the TRD performance parts, the JDM Aero Kit and the screaming red and black color scheme, it's a fitting tribute to Scion's mission to build cars for younger customers."

As part of Scion's celebration at the New York International Auto Show, it will also have the following models on display: 2002 BBx Concept, 2004 FiveAxis speedster xA, 2009 Kogi BBQ Truck xD, 2009 iQ Concept, 2011 FR-S Concept and 2014 Slayer tC.

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