Now that Samsung has finally outed in full its flagship lineup Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, it's time for its other devices to get some Marshmallow goodness, too.

Its former flagship lineup, the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus, are the next set of Samsung handsets readying their support for Android 6.0.

The three handsets are now getting the treat in India, but Samsung is, of course, in the process of rolling out the update to other Galaxy S6 handsets worldwide. In the United States, as usual, our updates are probably going to trickle down more slowly, depending on which carrier a Galaxy S6 owner is on (we hear AT&T subscribers aren't getting the update yet).

Besides the wait for the update, the weight of Samsung's Marshmallow download is another thing to consider. At 1.2 GB in size, the upgrade to Marshmallow won't be so light and fluffy.

It would be wise to set aside some time away from your smartphone, because it may take a while for the update to complete. Moreover, subscribers on limited data plans should make sure that they've got plenty of data left over or, better yet, connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network to get the Marshmallow package.

Once installed, however, S6 owners will finally get to enjoy many of the features that Android 6.0 provides, such as advanced app permissions, Google Now On Tap and Doze. Of the rich feature-set Google packed into Marshmallow, Doze may be the most beneficial to S6 owners.

Since the Galaxy S6 and all its variants weren't too popular in the battery life department, Doze should be able to save some juice to help the S6 last longer during the day. For example, when the S6 is idle and "dozing," Marshmallow will put the apps running in the background in idle mode as well. App Standby mode will also restrict less-used apps from using processing power so as to save more battery.

On top of Google's refinements to Android in Marshmallow, Samsung has (of course) added its own tweaks in this update: TouchWiz has received some polishing, there's a new browser and more nifty but useful quick toggles have been provided.

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