Samsung has just released the latest update of the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system, but it seems that it may have a few bugs that need some working on.

Some Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 owners have turned to various Samsung community forums to complain about a number of issues with the Android OS update.

When the latest version of the Marshmallow OS was first rolled out last month, some Galaxy users claimed that their devices started to drain battery charges faster after they installed the update. Others also encountered issues with their Gear VR headsets that fail to establish connection with their Samsung smartphones.

One user going by the handle KruseLudsMobile posted on XDA-Developers's Android forum complaining that after upgrading to the latest Marshmallow OS version, his Samsung device started to use up its battery at a much faster rate than before. He said he is using an unrooted OEM device.

Another forum member, ptko15, said he has been unable to download or update Amazon apps on his Galaxy Note 5 after getting the update. His device also started to experience lag problems with the new Marshmallow update installed.

Problems with the Android OS update seem to apply with Galaxy Note 5 handsets carried by Verizon, which gave the Marshmallow rollout ahead of AT&T and T-Mobile. Several subscribers have flocked the telecom company's community page to ask help with their devices.

A Verizon subscriber wrote about an issue with Wi-Fi connectivity after installing the Marshmallow update on his Samsung device.

"Upon completing the OTA update to Android Marshmallow last evening, my Wi-Fi connection is not stable," user jpheim589 pointed out"It connects to the network, but anytime I go to a Web page I get DNS probe and connection errors. Anytime I switch back to 4G the issues go away until back on Wi-Fi."

While jpheim589 later claimed that he was able to find a fix after resetting the network setting on his device, his troubleshooting tip doesn't seem to work on other gadgets, just like what another user, Dano1321, experienced.

Another user on the Verizon community page shared that his Galaxy Note 5 keeps dropping the Wi-Fi connection after 20 seconds every time he tries to download from the Google app store. His device also drains its battery much faster after installing the Marshmallow update.

Samsung has received news about these issues and is now planning to release a second version of the Android 6.0.1 update to fix problems with Galaxy devices. Meanwhile, here are some possible quick fixes for Lollipop problems and Marshmallow problems that are also troubling the Galaxy smartphones mentioned above.

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