ASUS ZenWatch 2 has been updated with the latest Android Wear OS version, which brings a number of exciting new features to the wearable.

The software update for ZenWatch 2 models WI501Q and WI502Q offers speaker support, allowing users to set audible alarms, hear notification alerts and sound effects from the app and make phone calls, as long as the wearable is connected to the user's device through Bluetooth.

Users can also take advantage of a number of wrist gestures brought by the latest update. These include scrolling through the cards, opening apps, returning to the wearable's watch face and so much more.

"Android Wear organizes your information, suggests what you need and shows it to you before you even ask," says ASUS. "Get messages from your friends, meeting, notifications and weather updates at a glance. Respond to texts, instant messages and emails by voice. Ask questions like 'Will it rain this weekend?' and get straight answers."

ASUS ZenWatch 2 wearers can now play video and audio messages using apps such as Glide and others that have support for these functions.

Another notable feature brought by the update is the screen dimming gesture, which allows users to turn their wearable's display into ambient mode for added privacy. To go into ambient mode from the usual viewing orientation, users can simply lower their wrist after an interaction with the watch. The intuitive gesture also helps in reducing battery drain, extending the number of hours the ZenWatch 2 can be used.

The rollout of Android Wear version 1.4 will come as an automatic notification on the wearable when it becomes connected to the charger. Other notifications will occur when the wearable is within Bluetooth range of one's smartphone and when it is connected to the Internet.

For users who are keen on manually updating their ZenWatch 2, they can simply check if the update is available by pairing the wearable with a smartphone that runs Android 4.3 or higher or iOS 8.2 or higher. On the wearable, users can swipe left on the device's watch face and access Settings > About > System updates.

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