Stay Out Of The Water: 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season Two Trailer Shows Floating Zombies


The second season of "Fear the Walking Dead" unveiled its newest teaser trailer almost a month ago to showcase new threats in preparation for its return in April, but the cast and crew are not stopping there. Showrunner Dave Erickson and the cast unveiled two exclusive clips at the PaleyFest Panel on March 19 and it shows that the terror will not end for the small batch of survivors.

The group may think that they are safe aboard the yacht of the mysterious Victor Strand but they failed to do two things: first is to realize that they were not the only people who thought that the sea would be safer and, second, watch George A. Romero's "Land of the Dead," or at least the scene where the zombies cross the water in that film.

"We've figured out the best ways to shoot water zombies. They don't drown. They keep floating back up... There is going to be threats and obstacles and conflict on sea and on land," Erickson said.

Just how much of a threat are floating zombies for the survivors?

Well, first, there is the possibility that the undead can get on the yacht and attack and second, it has to do with the unreleased exclusive clip which showed Nick Clark, played by Frank Dillane, underwater and about to be attacked from above by a floating zombie.

The new season will focus on finding a place where the survivors can drop anchor and stay but there is also the issue of trusting one another and forming alliances. As for the new addition, Victor Strand, fans can't quite figure him out yet so actor Colman Domingo offered a clue with regard to his character.

"[Strand] is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in cash," Domingo said.

"Fear the Walking Dead" season two premieres on April 10.

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