After five previous episodes, the spin-off series of AMC's zombie gem The Walking Dead will finally close out its first season, and two Fear the Walking Dead promos have already dropped in anticipation. 

Titled "The Good Man," the season finale seems to feature a liquidation from the detention and medical center in its entirety, where everyone has more or less been housed. However, as we all know, that liquidation is merely the preamble to a military plot ("Cobalt," as revealed in last week's episode of the same name) to exterminate (i.e. "humanely terminate") all of the survivors of the Californian zombiepocalypse — except for a chosen few, that is.

Again, the episode title might once again seem to take on the nebulous nature of a moral code in times of immediate and lethal crisis, especially in the form of the duality between the citizens and the military force used to turn greater Los Angeles into a police state. Even though the latter is a stabilizing force in the real world — a "good" one, depending on your opinion — and that in this world, the actions of people like Travis and Daniel would be condemned. The last episode of the The Walking Dead  companion show seems to ask about what happens when you try and operate on morality when there frankly isn't any — when an ethical code is completely inverted, or even eradicated.

Here's the official synopsis for the sixth and last episode of the first season:

"As civil unrest grows and the dead take over, Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Madison (Kim Dickens) try to devise ways to protect their families." 

"The Good Man" will air Oct. 4 on AMC at 9 p.m. EST.

Take a look at both sneak peaks in the clips below.


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