If you're not getting as many matches on Tinder as you hoped, it's probably because you're not swiping right at the right time of the day. It appears the best time of day to get matched with as many users as you can is during the evening.

According to Nielsen data, the amount of users on the dating platform begins to increase around 6 p.m., and then users become most active at 9 p.m. In fact, the data found that approximately 51.64 percent of users were active in the 9 o'clock hour. Of course, this would make the most sense since many Tinder users might be just looking for a hook up and be on the prowl when the sun goes down. Seriously, who is going to be looking for a hook up early in the morning? (Although we bet it still does happen, night time equals prime time.)

But since users are more active starting around 6 p.m., this could also mean that they are out of their 9-to-5 job and looking for someone to share a dinner, drink, or just some flirtatious messaging with until they set up a date.

Even though the 6 to 9 p.m. window looks like the best time to be on Tinder, the data also reveals that the later it gets, the less chance users have of finding someone to hook up with. Only 6 percent of users are swiping through profiles on the dating app after 10 p.m., and only 1 percent of users are still on the app after 2 a.m.

Maybe Tinder isn't just all about late, late night loving? Then again, users probably already found an interesting match by the late night hours.

This doesn't mean that Tinder users aren't still swiping left and right during the day, too, it's just at a lower rate. Tinder users are only likely to log into the app between noon and midnight at about 40 percent. That compares with OkCupid, whose users tend to be on the most in the morning between the hours of 8 and 10 a.m, as well as during the 6 p.m. hour — probably when they are on their way home from work. The amount of users on both apps were found to not really be as active on the apps during work hours. At least that means users aren't wasting work time focusing on their love lives. Then again, they're probably too busy browsing Facebook while their boss isn't looking.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Photo: David Phan | Flickr

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