Olympus has unveiled the PEN E-PL7, which boasts of amazing imaging technology that Olympus is well known for having in their line of interchangeable lens cameras.

The new Olympus camera comes as the replacement for the popular E-PL5, which likewise featured multiple top-of-the-line imaging features within a relatively small camera body.

The E-PL7 is selfie-friendly, with a touchscreen 3-inch LCD that can be flipped downward. When the screen is flipped down, it automatically turns to showing a mirror display, which is the revolutionary "Selfie Mode" of the camera. A single touch will allow the user to take the selfie, but the user can also customize the shot using a timer. Users are given the ability, with the E-PL7, to take selfies using a real camera without resorting to using long poles or needing very, very long arms. In addition, there is a one-second delay from when the user presses the shutter to the camera actually taking the picture, so that the user has time to take their hand out of the frame when taking the selfie.

Olympus also added built-in Wi-Fi to the camera, which allows users to instantly sync pictures taken with the camera to their smartphones and edit the images without needing to transfer them to a computer first using the Olympus Image Share app, nicknamed the OI.Share. Users can also operate the E-PL7 remotely using their smartphone.

The camera also comes with an extensive collection of art filters that can be applied onto the pictures taken, including the "Vintage" art filter that transforms pictures into images that look like they have stood the test of time. It also has the "Partial Color" filter that turns all the colors in a picture into monochrome except for a particular color.

The E-PL7 is not just about style though, as the camera also features premium specs from the high-end OM-D line of Olympus cameras. Included in these features are a 16MP sensor, 3-axis image stabilization, and compatibility with all of the Olympus Micro Four Thirds lenses.

The new camera also features the FAST AF of Olympus, which is the fastest-ever autofocus system found among cameras. FAST AF uses data taken from 81 points that cover the entire image for focus to almost instantly be at its best. Users also have the option of using the Small AF Target and Super Spot AF modes to perform autofocus methods on specific sections of an image being taken.

The E-PL7 comes in colors of silver and black and is now available for pre-order through retailer Adorama. The price of the camera is $600 for just the body or $700 with an M.Zuiko 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 lens.

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