Many people walk around with several credit and debit cards in their wallet. It can be daunting whenever it comes down to buying groceries and going shopping. However, this could change if a new startup company, Coin, gets its product off to a flying start. So, what is the product exactly? Well, it is called Coin (duh!) and it's a card that is able to house all your other cards. The interesting thing is that it doesn't keep all your cards physically, just the necessary information that you'll need to make a purchase at your favorite store at the mall.

For only $100, you can get a Coin card, which you can use to carry all your other cards around. We have to admit, this is a good idea that has the potential to solve a lot of problem people are facing. Furthermore, if you pre-order Coin right now, it will only cost you $55, so you have a small incentive to go ahead and try it out.

The big question is, how does Coin work? You plug a special Coin reader into the headset jack of your smartphone. Swipe your card one-by-one and they will be added to the Coin card. When you're done, you can simply select which card you'd like to pay with from the Coin card's built in display. After you're done, just swipe like a normal debit card to make a purchase, and you're done.

The Coin card itself is roughly the size of a standard debit and credit card so you could fit it right into your wallet.

What about security?

Nothing much is known about how secure Coin is. At the moment, it is not certain if it is possible for someone to collect information from the Coin card remotely since it is Bluetooth capable.

Why is the Coin card Bluetooth capable?

Security. The Coin card can connect wirelessly to your smartphone device, so if you should become careless and leave your card the counter, your phone would alert you. Basically, your smartphone would be able to tell how far you are from your Coin card, and alert you if you're moving too far away.

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