Carry on, you idjits, because Bobby Singer will return to Supernatural on Wednesday night's episode.

Actor Jim Beaver, who portrayed Bobby on the series until the character's untimely death in 2012, announced his return to the series on Facebook.

"It might be of interest to some people that I'm back on SUPERNATURAL Wednesday night," wrote Beaver.

Fans who still mourn for the late Bobby were joyously blindsided by the news. Even better? The CW then released a clip from the episode, which teases not just the return of Bobby, but also of another hunter who died several years ago, Rufus Turner.

But what exactly is going on here? Take a look at the clip yourself:

The clip begins with Sam and Dean investigating a new case, but then the scene shifts to show Bobby napping behind the wheel of the infamous Impala, which looks much worse for wear. Rufus wakes him up and explains that they're also working a case.

Beaver recently spoke about his return to the show, his first Supernatural episode since season 10. Steven Williams, who plays Rufus on the series, hasn't been on the show since season seven.

"It was probably easier this time because I've kind of gotten used to Steven!" Beaver said to The Examiner. "He's a dynamic personality and he loves to improvise and ad lib (to the extent the director will let him!), while I'm kind of a stick-in-the-mud, stick-to-the-script kind of guy. It took me a while to get used to working with Steven, but I really like it now. It's always an adventure with him. He always knows what I'm going to say, but I never know what he's going to say. It keeps our scenes energized. I don't remotely mean he's not professional — he's very, very professional. We're just different-type humans. I'm a bit cautious. He doesn't have a fearful bone in his body, I don't think. We have a lot of fun, too. Bobby and Rufus are a great odd couple. They could probably do that play together, except they'd both have to play the slob."

Supernatural airs at 9 p.m. EDT Wednesdays on The CW.

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