Samsung Australia has unveiled brainBand - a new wearable technology, which will help in studying concussion in sports.

The brainBand is a result of collaboration between Braden Wilson and Dr. Alan Pearce. The wearable technology is being developed via Samsung's Launching People program, an initiative that brings a couple of experts from diverse fields and combines their expertise with Samsung technology.

Dr. Pearce is a neuroscientist, who is involved in concussion education and research, while Wilson is an industrial designer.

The experts say that the prototype of brainBAND can trace head impacts in contact sports in real-time. Data accumulated from the brainBand can be used in better understanding concussion in sport as well as its impact on a sportsperson's brain.

The brainBand is specially designed band for the head, which includes sensors at its back that measures the impact force. The obtained data can be transmitted through an app to referees, coaches and medics in real-time, via Samsung devices.

A number of LED lights are also fixed in the brainBand, which shows the level of impact of a specific hit. The LED lights can glow yellow, orange or red, with red pointing at high alert. Based on the light signals, officials can immediately assess if a sportsperson is required to be taken off the field.

Dr. Pearce says that the main goal of the brainBand is to understand the dangers involved with repeated concussions. Data and signals from the brainBand can make a significant impact on brain injuries at all levels of game. Dr. Pearce says that the brainBand can be very helpful in protecting the next generation of sportspeople.

"At Samsung, we have a strong belief in pushing the boundaries of technology and challenging the current perception of what is possible through innovation," says Philip Newton, CMO, Samsung Electronics Australia. "This is why we are extremely proud to have helped facilitate the work of Dr. Alan Pearce and Braden Wilson to create the brainBand prototype to aid research into concussion in sport."

Israel Folau, an Australian professional rugby union footballer also the brand ambassador of Samsung, was the first to try the brainBand prototype. Folau hopes that the brainBand wearable technology is available to every player in Australia. The footballer also believes that the brainBand technology can make contact sports safer for current and future players.

Check out a video of the brainBand program from Samsung.

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