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Human Civilization Likely To End By 2050 Due To Climate Change: Report

Is the end coming? Scientists believe the collapse of human civilization is only a few decades away as the effects of climate change catch up on our species.

Earth/Environment June 5, 2019

Sparkling Opals Turn Out To Be The Bones Of A New Dinosaur Species

Hundreds of opal-encrusted bones have been found in the Australian town of Lightning Ridge. These bones belong to a newly discovered dinosaur species Fostoria dhimbangunmal from 100 million years ago.

Ancient June 5, 2019

Falling Meteor Breaks Up Over Australian Bay Releasing As Much Energy As 1.6 Kiloton Nuke

A meteor zipped across Australia's skies last week. According to a research center, the object entered the atmosphere with the force equal to 10 percent of the explosive yield of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb.

Space May 28, 2019

This Newly Discovered Fungus Collects Gold From Its Surroundings

Gold digger alert! Scientists have discovered a type of fungi in Australia that draws gold from its surroundings, possibly signaling new deposits that have yet to be unearthed.

Earth/Environment May 27, 2019

Meteor The Size Of A Small Car Lights Up Australian Sky

A bright meteor streaked through Australia this week and lit up the night sky. Despite its size and brightness, it is still considered quite small by NASA's standards.

Feature | Science May 24, 2019

Trash Found In Remote Islands Suggests That World's Plastic Problem Might Be Bigger Than Initially Thought

Researchers who surveyed Cocos Islands, Australia's last unspoiled paradise, found tons of plastic debris washed up on the beach. They estimated that there are 414 million pieces of plastic debris in the uninhabited islands.

Earth/Environment May 21, 2019

Australia Allows CRISPR Editing Of Plants And Animals Without Government Approval

Australia has approved the use of CRISPR gene editing tool on plants and animals without the oversight of a governmental body. The controversial move has been called a 'middle ground' compared to regulations on other countries.

Animals May 1, 2019

The Reason Australia Wants To Kill Millions Of Cats

Feral cats are domestic cats abandoned and lost in the wild. In Australia, the government wants 2 million feral cats dead by 2020 in an effort to save native species.

Animals April 27, 2019

Wreck Of Australian Ship SS Iron Crown Found 77 Years After It Was Sunk By Japanese Submarine During World War II

Almost 80 years after its tragic end, the wreckage of an Australian ship sunk by a Japanese submarine in World War II has now been found by a team of scientists. Here is the story of how it was discovered.

Ancient April 26, 2019

Friends Hacked McDonald's Self-Service Machine To Get Free Burger: Here's How They Did It

Two Australians figure out a way to get a free burger from self-serving kiosks in McDonald's. The secret? Get 10 orders of patty-less burgers first.

Viral April 15, 2019

Australia Reveals Plans To Mine Water On The Moon Within 5 Years

Mining water from the moon could drastically cut down the cost of space exploration and future long-term space missions. Australia's Space Agency recently announced plans to mine water from the lunar surface.

Space April 5, 2019

Heatwave Causes Extreme Coral Bleaching In Australian Marine Park

Lord Howe Island Marine Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been hit with widespread coral bleaching. In some areas, scientists reported that about 90 percent of corals have been damaged due to warmer ocean water temperature.

Earth/Environment April 3, 2019

Australian Fisherman Snags Decapitated Monster Mako Shark: What Mysterious Creature Bit It Off?

A fisherman caught the 220-pound head of a gigantic mako shark in Australia, leaving people wondering about the nature of its mysterious attacker. What kind of monster can decapitate such a powerful animal?

Animals April 1, 2019

New Wallaby-Sized Dinosaur Discovered In Australia

A new species of dinosaur has been identified from fossils unearthed in Victoria, Australia. The herbivores grew to about the size of a modern-day wallaby and had powerful hind legs like a kangaroo.

Ancient March 11, 2019

Pins And Needles Found In Strawberries In Australia: Manhunt Launched For Culprit

Strawberry lovers, beware: pins and needles have been found inside the fruits in Queensland, Australia. Authorities have launched the manhunt for the culprit behind the dangerous scheme, while the public is urged to slice strawberries before eating them.

Public Health September 17, 2018

Saving The Great Barrier Reef: Keeping The World's Largest Reef System Alive

The Great Barrier Reef, home to a diverse marine ecosystem, could be destroyed by environmental threats including global warming. While the Australian government has implemented changes to minimize damage, saving the Reef requires global action.

Earth/Environment August 22, 2018

Citizen Scientist Finds Ancient Mega Shark Teeth At Australia Beach

A citizen scientist's find in an Australia beach is not just rare but significant as well. While other shark teeth fossil finds are of just one shark tooth, this one pulled over 40 teeth from a boulder.

Ancient August 10, 2018

Australian Researchers Develop Camera, Now Blasted Into Space, To Track Great Barrier Reef

A high-resolution satellite camera partly developed at La Trobe University in Australia was blasted into space to track the Great Barrier Reef, as well as aid in the fight against bushfires and emergency situations.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2018

The World’s Oldest Sumatran Orangutan Dies In Australia Zoo At 62-Years-Old

The Perth Zoo in Australia was forced to say farewell to its oldest Sumatran Orangutans, Puan. She spent a majority of her life at the zoo and has over 54 descendants living around the world.

Animals June 19, 2018

Australian Man Wins Ability To Sue Google For Defamation

A Melbourne, Australia native will have a chance to face off against Google and its legal team in a courtroom. Milorad 'Michael' Trkulja accused the technology company of defamation.

Google June 13, 2018

New Study Reveals Which Countries Have The Highest And Lowest Cases Of Cancer

A new study reveals that India ranked as number 10 on the list of countries with the least amount of cancer cases. Australia, New Zealand, and the United States ranked as the top three countries to have the highest amount of cancer incidences.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 5, 2018

Swarms Of Rats Forces 2 Queensland Island Groups To Close

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services was forced to close two island groups in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Areas. It is due to the vast rat population that is threatening the islands' ecosystem.

Earth/Environment May 29, 2018

Australian Marsupials That Die After Sex Are Now Endangered, And Humans Share The Blame

Two species of antechinus, best known for males dying after reproduction, are now on the endangered list. However, it is not their suicidal reproduction method that is threatening their survival.

Animals May 20, 2018

104-Year-Old Australian Scientist Commits Assisted Suicide In Switzerland

After being denied assisted suicide in his home country of Australia, David Goodall traveled to Switzerland for it. Goodall was 104 years old when he died on Thursday, May 10.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 10, 2018

How A Virus Called HTLV-1 From 1500-Year-Old Mummies Infected 40 Percent Of Adults In Rural Australia

A study has confirmed that the HTLV-1 virus has infected 40 percent of adults in a region in rural Australia. Researchers are trying to determine the reasons behind the spread of it.

Public Health May 7, 2018

Australia Set To Start Space Agency With $50 Million Funding From Government

Australia is set to start its new space agency with a $50 million budget allocation from the Australian government. This is only part of the investment, most of which will be provided by private companies.

Space May 3, 2018

Vaginal Mesh Leaves Australian Women With Rotting Pelvises And Other Complications

Pelvic mesh implants that have been used to treat women in Australia have led to complications that have launched a government report. The government's report says that the procedure should only be used as a last resort.

Public Health March 28, 2018

Scientists Reveal That 'Empty' Coffin Has 2,500-Year-Old Mummy Inside

A coffin that was thought to be empty that was stored at Sydney University for 150 years was revealed to have a mummy inside. Scientists revealed that they found a 2,500 year old mummy inside the coffin.

Ancient March 26, 2018

Mysterious 'Monster Fish' Washed Ashore On Australian Beach

A mystery fish was found washed ashore on a beach in Australia but was gone the very next day. Is it a sea monster, a living fossil, or a special protected species?

Animals March 11, 2018

Rocks Prove That Australia Was Once Connected To North America In Supercontinent Nuna

Researchers found rocks in Georgetown, in the northern part of Queensland, that were unlike any others in Australia. The rocks, however, shared striking similarities with others found in North America, suggesting that the two continents were once connected.

Earth/Environment January 24, 2018

Mordor Under The Sea: Hidden Volcanic Landscape In Australia Looks Straight Out Of Tolkien Books

An underwater landscape in Australia is reminiscent of Mordor in J.R.R. Tolkien's novels. Such hidden underwater landscapes have been difficult to study before because of their inaccessibility.

Earth/Environment January 21, 2018

Australia Offers Cash For Ideas To Save Great Barrier Reef

The Australian government has offered money for innovative ideas and concepts that can save the Great Barrier Reef. The largest living structure faced massive coral bleaching for the second time in a row in 2017, which is a cause of worry.

Earth/Environment January 18, 2018

Fossil Of Turkey-Sized Dinosaur Found In 113-Million-Year-Old Rocks In Australia

The partial skeleton of a turkey-sized dinosaur were found at a site in Australia. The dinosaur appeared to be tangled in a log-jam, suggesting it roamed in a forested environment.

Ancient January 12, 2018

Scientists Discover 9 Rare Whirlpools In The Ocean From Space

From 1993 to 2016, scientists were able to discover nine double whirlpools. Their observations revealed that such water formations do not behave like normal eddies.

Earth/Environment December 30, 2017

The Crest-Tailed Mulgara Isn't Extinct After All: Marsupial Found Alive And Well In Australia

A group of Australian scientists monitoring a protected area accidentally discovered a small and furry marsupial. It is identified as a crest-tail mulgara, which has been thought to be extinct in inland Australian regions for more than 100 years.

Animals December 20, 2017

Tesla Beats 100-Day Deadline To Make World's Largest Lithium Ion Battery (And Elon Musk Wins $50M Bet)

Tesla's Elon Musk has won the bet to create world's largest lithium-ion battery power project in South Australia. With this Elon Musk has kept his promise and will take home $50 million for the completed project.

Business Tech November 24, 2017

Australian Teen Attacked By Marine Flesh Eater: What Are Those Mysterious Sea Critters?

What seemed like an ordinary trip to the beach ended up as a medical emergency for 16-year-old Sam Kanizay of Australia. What caused his wound that led to profuse bleeding and lots of skin marks: sea lice or sea fleas?

Animals August 8, 2017

New Study Indicates That Humans Lived Alongside Australia's Megafauna

A recently discovered collection of relics has revealed that people settled in Australia 20,000 years before they did in Europe. It was also discovered that humans lived alongside Australia's megafauna.

Ancient July 20, 2017

Challenge Accepted: Australia Picks Tesla To Solve Electricity Woes In 100 Days

Elon Musk opened the challenge to solve South Australia’s power crisis with a 100-day guarantee. Australia’s government has given Tesla the contract after a bidding war.

Business Tech July 7, 2017

'Too Big To Fail': Great Barrier Reef Worth $42 Billion, Economists Say

The Great Barrier Reef is valued at a huge AU $56 billion (or US $42 billion). Read more findings from the report from Deloitte Access Economics about Great Barrier Reef and Australian economy links.

Earth/Environment June 26, 2017

Peanut Worm, Faceless Fish, And More: Strange Sea Creatures Surprise Australian Scientists

A team from Museums Victoria in Australia has just come back from its month-long deep sea expedition. Its surprise to the public: a range of strange underwater creatures that include the peanut worm, blob fish, and many more.

Animals June 19, 2017

UNESCO Wants Australia To Act Urgently To Save Great Barrier Reef

UNESCO urged the Australian government to beef up efforts save the Great Barrier Reef from complete damage. The reef's coral underwent several mass bleaching events and are in danger of becoming extinct.

Earth/Environment June 4, 2017

Faceless Fish Missing Since 1873 Found In Deep Waters Of Australia

Scientists on a month-long research voyage surveying the abyss of Australia have rediscovered a faceless fish that was last seen more than 100 years ago. The creature was found at a depth of 4,000 meters.

Earth/Environment May 31, 2017

Is $18 Million In New Funds To Save Great Barrier Reef Too Little, Too Late?

The Australian government has announced $18 million in funding to protect the Great Barrier Reef, particularly its water quality management. But it won't be enough in the face of major coral bleaching and climate change, according to an expert.

Earth/Environment April 14, 2017

Citizen Astronomers Spot 4 Potential Planet Nine Candidates

In a citizen science project using images from the SkyMapper telescope, researchers from the Australian National University have identified four likely Planet Nine candidates. Will one of these objects end the elusive search?

Space April 4, 2017

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