Tonight is the big night as Sony is all set to launch the PlayStation 4 at the stroke of midnight. The Japanese giant's next generation console will go on sale around the country on Nov. 15 midnight for $400, which is $100 less expensive than rival Xbox One, which launches next week. Already people are lining up in front of GameStop, Best Buy and other retail stores, hoping to be among the first gamers in the U.S. to get their hands on the new system.

In the meantime, Sony is celebrating the launch of the PlayStation 4 with a new trailer that highlights Streetfighter character, Ryu, driving a cab. Ryu drives the player around a world filled with games and other gamers. The video is almost a perfect representation of what the PlayStation 4 is capable of doing, especially in the future when developers are more in tune with the ins and outs of the system.

Early reviews of the PlayStation 4 are already available on the Internet, so, what are the critics consensus?

Polygon's editors say "The PS4 hints at plenty of other possibilities. Local network play via the PS Vita has an enormous amount of potential. The PlayStation App and even the PlayStation Camera may provide opportunities for developers to broaden the appeal of the PlayStation 4 beyond the hardcore audience it currently seems so intent on courting. Unlike the PlayStation 3, Sony's latest effort was built to evolve."

Engadget's Ben Gilbert says the DualShock 4 controller is the best one yet, adding, "I love the DualShock 4. It's a very comfortable controller, and as stated earlier, the best of its kind."

Kotaku's Stephen Totilo is also a fan of the PlayStation 4, and notes: "One of the signature additions to this PlayStation controller is a multi-touch touchpad, though it plays no great role in any of the console's launch games that I've found."

Sony claims the PlayStation 4 is the most powerful next generation video game system, and by the looks of things, that might just be true. Several multiplatform games perform at a higher resolution on the PlayStation 4 than on the Xbox One, which has caused a lot of uproar among fans as they argue over which system is best for playing video games.

The Specs

The PlayStation 4 is powered by AMD x86 Jaguar processor with 8 cores. The GPU is based on AMD's Radeon line of graphic processors, and the hard drive space is a cool 500GB. The console is not native backwards compatible with PlayStation 3 games. However, Sony hopes to allow players to stream old games from its Gaikai cloud service that won't be available at launch.

Sony is launching the console with 26 games, including "Killzone: Shadow Fall," "Knack," "Call of Duty: Ghosts" and "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag."

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