Razer Unveils BlackWidow X Chroma, Its Most Affordable Premium Mechanical Keyboard


Razer introduces the BlackWidow X Chroma, the gaming equipment maker's most affordable premium mechanical keyboard.

The company is known for producing durable and feature-packed PC peripherals. One notable instance of that is the BlackWidow series, a line of gaming keyboards that sport custom mechanical switches, a military-grade metal-top construction and customizable lighting effects. The thing is that they don't exactly fit in everyone's budget.

This time around, Razer is looking to fix that, offering what's essentially a toned-down version of the BlackWidow. The most noticeable difference is how the BlackWidow X doesn't have a top cover with a black matte finish, which keeps the metal frame of the keyboard under wraps.

"The Razer BlackWidow X builds on our massive success with gaming keyboards and broadens the choice of keyboard design for gamers. By removing the protective top cover and exposing the inner metal top chassis of the current BlackWidow, I'm pleased that we're able to establish a new low price point for a premium, metal-chassis, mechanical keyboard with the new BlackWidow X," Min-Liang Tan, cofounder and CEO of Razer, says.

For the record, the BlackWidow X is a series of mechanical gaming keyboards, and there are five of them. To make things clear, Razer offers an X variant for all the BlackWidow models, shaving down the price of each one by $10 thanks to the removed top layer.

Laying out all the price tags, the BlackWidow X Chroma costs $160 or $130 minus the number pad. Taking the aesthetic lighting out of the picture, the BlackWidow X Ultimate is priced at $100, where two variants without backlighting go for $80 with a number pad and $70 without a number pad.

It should also be noted that gamers can opt for Cherry MX Blue switches instead of Razer's switches for the BlackWidow X Ultimate and the BlackWidow X Tournament Edition, downsizing their prices further to $90 and $60 respectively.

All these keyboards are designed for gamers everywhere, boasting home-built switches with a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes and braided fiber cables to make sure they last long.

There's no need to wait as well, as they are all available at the Razer Store already.

Hit up the videos below to witness the BlackWidow X Chroma in all its glory and how Razer makes top-of-the-line switches.

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