Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Joins Note 5 In Marshmallow Party: Android 6.0.1 Update Ready Now


Sprint recently rolled out Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the Galaxy Note 5, and it's also delivering newer updates for other Galaxy Note smartphones.

Galaxy Note 4 handset owners on Sprint should start receiving Android 6.0.1, which packs the much-expected improvements and features that are Marshmallow's staple.

After the update, Galaxy Note 4 devices will carry the latest OS from Android, version N910PVPU4DPC1.

It might take a while before all Sprint customers receive the latest Marshmallow on their Galaxy Note 4, but at least we know it's a given.

It should be noted that the update holsters the March 1 Android security patch. This is particularly important, as observers indicated that the company's powerful security support tends to focus on the European region.

If you have yet to receive a notification that the update is ready for your device, you may manually check for its availability. To do so, access the device's Settings menu, scroll to the About device submenu, find the Software Update section and tap the Update now button.

Thanks to the report from SamMobile, we know that Android 6.0.1. Marshmallow on the Galaxy Note 4 brings plenty of goodies. Still, we must underline that Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow offers zero support for the Decrypt device function. In other words, if your handset device is encrypted, you cannot disable the option after upgrading to the latest Android OS.

Sprint skipped intermediate steps and jumped from Android 5.1.1 straight to Android 6.0.1, leaving Android 6.0 behind. Another surprising move from Sprint is that it updated both Note 5 and Note 4 quickly one after another.

Some of the features that everyone looks forward to are Doze mode for battery saving, Now On Tap for contextual awareness and quicker app permissions to make navigation easier. Due to the consistent size of the update - almost 1.4 GB - it is recommended to download it when you have a Wi-Fi connection active. Another thing to keep in mind is to have your phone fully charged before commencing the update.

It seems that March is a good month for Android updates. Earlier reports hinted at the fact that other carriers, such as AT&T, are working on upgrading the OS of the Galaxy Note 5 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Verizon went through and upgraded its Note 5 to the latest Android OS ahead of AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, but Sprint also added the Note 4 into the Marshmallow mix.

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