Todoist costs $29 a year to make full use of the app's task management features. Its latest update will help customers really get their money's worth.

Todoist 9 for Android offers a complete overhaul in how the app looks and performs. The changes help bring the app closer to its Web and desktop counterpart, which got a Material makeover in 2015's release. Meanwhile, this year's update has perfected the app's transition to Google's standards in both the user interface and user experience.

Most notabe is the ability to "pinch to add" tasks anywhere on the project list without having to drag and drop anymore. Users can use two fingers to "pull apart" an existing task into two while a Quick Add text box will appear between them to add a new task.

On mobile, it was always a slight annoyance to never really be able to sort tasks the way you wanted. Thankfully, Todoist has listened to users and brought the "task sort" feature. Tasks can now be arranged by name, date, priority, and for teams using the app, by assignee.

Beyond all the superficial additions, however, Todoist has incorporated natural language input into the app. It's called Intelligent Quick Add. It's very much like the natural language input already featured in many other apps. Saying, for example, "Pay electricity bill on the first of every month at 10 a.m.," will set a recurring reminder in Todoist of that exact task.

Intelligent Quick Add does take it a bit further, however, making use of the hashtag and plus sign symbols. Typing in "#" brings up all available projects to update those projects on the fly while using "+" to add a specific user to the task.

Other minor improvements include features such as Bluetooth support, four times faster syncing, the ability to undo almost everything in the app, better notifications handling across multiple devices, and the coolest of all - emoji shortcuts.

When all is said and done, Todoist also offers proactive Todo-ers pretty "You're all done for today!" screens when there's nothing else left over for Todoist to display. The app also makes it easy to share one's accomplishments over social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

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