Despite excitement and expectations that Apple's new wearable smart watch, which most are dubbing the iWatch, would be announced on Sept. 9 and hit the market this fall, new reports are suggesting that users won't get the device on their wrists until next year.

Still, the company is expected to announce the new smart watch, and its branding, on Sept. 9 when Apple announces the next-generation iPhone 6.

That could frustrate Apple aficionados, who were hoping they would have the opportunity to purchase both the new iPhone and the smart watch from Apple later in September. Previously, reports had suggested Apple would be rolling out the watch at the same time as the phone in an effort to battle against Samsung and LG, who are both also launching next-generation smart watches this fall.

According to John Paczkowski, sources say the watch will be announced along with the iPhone 6, but it probably won't hit the market until early next year.

" 'It's not shipping any time soon,' said one [source]. So when does Apple plan to ship its eagerly anticipated wearable? That's not clear, but my understanding is that we're unlikely to see it at retail until after the holiday season -- think early 2015," he says.

The idea is similar to when Apple first announced the iPhone and iPad, as they didn't hit the market until weeks, even months, after the company revealed the devices. This could be a similar PR campaign to get people interested in the new smart watch ahead of it hitting the shelves.

The wearable sector has sparked much interest over the past couple of years, with Samsung launching a number of devices, and LG earlier this year unveiling its G Watch. Both are expected to launch their next-generation versions this fall.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said wearables may be "a hard sell," although he believes that Apple can help to convince consumers to get on the wearable wagon, Tech Times reports.

"Apple works very hard to produce exceptionally great products and doesn't quickly release things like a wearable," Wozniak continued. "So if one is introduced I expect it to have a chance to set the direction and make the product category finally viable."

Still, despite the potential of the launch being put off until after the holiday season, Apple is hopeful that it will receive much attention and scrutiny to encourage interest in the device before it hits stores.

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