Commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are going for another tour of duty, though players in the West may not be able to get their thumbs around this one. Shoot 'em up platformer Contra its returning in the form of a mobile game and is set to arrive in China.

Announced at Tencent UP, Contra Mobile is the product of a collaboration between publisher Tencent Games and game developer Konami. The pair released a trailer on YouTube, offering a sneak peak at the side-scrolling action that will be available in China for both Android and iOS devices.

The classic 2D game may be modernized with a mobile spinoff, but the gameplay is essentially the same. Instead of wreaking havoc on directional pads and buttons, players of the new Contra game will tap and smear their smartphones and tablets' faces with the game's requisite touch controls.

Touch controls aren't the only mobile hallmarks the new Contra game will hold. It will also include microtransactions, though it's not clear if the in-game purchases will merely cover cosmetic items or will include a game-changing kit.

The art style is more colorful than the original game's and has been fattened from a flattened 2D format to 2D/3D. But the exotic ammo drops and precarious platforms players know and love are still central to the game, it seems.

Also new for the mobile version of Contra is a player versus player mode. There's no specifics on the mode, but it's easy to imagine how the game's levels could serve as idealist battlegrounds for PvP action.

Tencent Games and Konami haven't announced a release date for Contra Mobile. The studio has only revealed that the game will launch in China and hasn't yet given a "no" on a release of Contra Mobile in the West.

Despite not having a release date that's been made public, the game might be on its way to mobile devices soon. Konami first announced that game back in November, so this trailer could be building up hype for a train that's about to reach its destination.

Check out the reveal trailer for Contra Mobile:

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