Warner Bros. has released the international trailer for the much-awaited DC villains movie "Suicide Squad" on March 25. It still has Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" theme to it and is still chaotic, which is fine since David Ayer's film deals with the super villain, after all.

The international trailer is really much like the first official United States (U.S.) trailer with additional quick snippets of Jared Leto's Joker. The obvious difference would be that the international trailer begins with Amanda Waller already discussing her idea of assembling a task force composed of the worst of the worst incarcerated villains.

In other words: less drama and humor, more action.

There is no humorous scene of Harley Quinn talking about the voices in her head or Deadshot looking out of a very small prison window. It goes straight to prison squad members preparing to assemble the team together and being told they will be sent on a dangerous mission that will most likely get them killed.

There is no explanation to the viewer what Killer Croc, Deadshot and Enchantress can do, probably expecting that the international fans and viewers already did their homework and know who the characters are.

The San Diego Comic-Con trailer in 2015 had a more "what is this film all about" feel to it, which is fine since filming for "Suicide Squad" had not yet wrapped up when the footage was shown.

The second trailer, or rather, the official U.S. trailer packs more punch with the background music. It actually makes some sense that the international trailer just focused on the action scenes since it runs just half the time as the official trailer. But it does have a Japanese subtitle, if that gains it points.

Watch the two trailers below and, if you're bored, try to spot the difference.

"Suicide Squad" will wreak havoc in U.S. cinemas on Aug. 5, and internationally with a roadshow-or perhaps only in Japan- on Sept. 10.

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