Award-winning, best-selling video game "Saints Row IV" is about to get a standalone expansion, and the game is set to get even more insane with the introduction of "Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell."

Last week, video game development studio and maker of "Saints Row" Deep Silver Volition announced in Seattle's PAX Prime Panel the new downloadable expansion that will have players going whoa with the addition of all-new weapons set to break the crazy meter as players jump into hell to wreak havoc and rescue the soul of Mr. President from the Satan's clutches.

The game follows the adventures of Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington in the nether world. After a rogue Ouija board pulls the leader of the Saints into hell, Gat and Kinzie follow to retrieve Mr. President, in the process battling demons, tortured souls and, ultimately, Satan himself. Hell itself is not as big as Steelport, where the original "Saints Row IV" takes place, but Deep Silver has worked with High Voltage Software to create a brand new map of Hell, which includes weirdly interesting things such as a Gothic castle, floating islands and a pirate's shipwreck.

Gat's new set of weapons are inspired by Biblical stories. As players fly above the streets of Hell in search for Mr. President, they have to combat Satan's demonic forces using weapons such as the locust Uzi, which fires a swarm of angry locusts at the enemy, and a frog launcher, which shoots exploding frogs. But what players should look out for is the armchairageddon, the ultimate weapon to symbolize sloth, one of the seven deadly sins. The armchairageddon looks like a La-Z-Boy recliner equipped with guns and missiles. How it works? Gat simply sits down and fires the weapons at his enemies.

Players play Gat himself, but the game will also come with a co-op option, with the second player playing Kinzie. Hayden Dingman of PCWorld, who was able to get first dibs on the expansion, has this to say about Gat Out of Hell:

"All I did was play ten minutes and I'm already pretty sold on Gat Out of Hell. It seems to combine the best aspect of Saints Row IV (flight and insane weapons) with a map that's more tailor-made to take advantage of those aspects."

"Gat Out of Hell" is a standalone expansion for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, but it also comes bundled with "Saints Row IV: Re-Elected" for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new expansion will be available on January 27 next year.

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