iPhone SE Early Sales Data Suggest Buyers Appear To Be Android Switchers, 'Older, Less Educated, More Male'


Data analytics firm Slice Intelligence has released the latest figures for iPhone SE online sales, which revealed that the new 4-inch smartphone might be helping Apple draw more Android users to switch to iPhones.

While the number of iPhone SE units sold during its first weekend of availability was significantly lower compared to figures from the iPhone 6s's launch, the smaller iPhone was able to lure more customers that were once Android users.

Slice Intelligence said that based on early data, the SE could actually help Apple expand its consumer base among maturing iPhone users.

Of the total number of iPhone SE buyers over the past two years, 35 percent purchased their device online. About 16 percent of them used to be Android users.

On the other hand, of the total number of people who bought the iPhone 6s, 49 percent did so to upgrade from a previous iPhone. About 10 percent of these iPhone 6s customers chose to replace their Android device, which they purchased online over the past two years.

The Slice Intelligence data also revealed that iPhone SE buyers were much different from the typical demographic of Apple customers. Many of those who purchased the 4-inch smartphone were male, older and less educated compared to previous iPhone buyers.

About one-fifth of iPhone SE buyers were between 45 to 54 years old, which is noticeably high given that only 18 percent of all iPhone buyers belong to this age group. About 77 percent of those who purchased the SE were also men.

As far as the education of SE buyers goes, Slice Intelligence said that the smaller smartphone is attracting a new audience to Apple's device. While 46 percent of customers who bought the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s hold college degrees, only 39 percent of iPhone SE buyers were college-degree holders.

There is also no distinguishable difference between iPhone SE owners and other iPhone owners in terms of their income. However, the number of high-wage earners who purchased the SE unit appears to be under-indexed.

Slice Intelligence bases its detailed reports on digital commerce on electronic receipts gathered from more than 4 million online shoppers.

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