Ben Affleck Has A ‘Really Cool’ Idea For A Batman Movie


Here's a bit of good news to those who felt that Batfleck was perfect: not only will he be suiting up again as the Caped Crusader in the Justice League movies but there's also the possibility of a Batman movie based on a script Ben Affleck wrote himself.

Talking to Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Whitesell, co-CEO of WME-IMG, said that Affleck is under contract to do at least the two "Justice League" movies. Counting "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," that's at least three times that the actor will be playing the Dark Knight.

What about a fourth? The possibility exists as "there's a script that he's written that is a really cool (Batman) idea," according to Whitesell.

This isn't the first time though that the idea of a "Batman movie" developed by Affleck had been raised. Last year, it was rumored that Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment CCO, is working with the actor co-writing a solo "Batman" project that Affleck would not only star in but direct as well.

Warner Bros. never confirmed that the project was real but Affleck has said that he is working together with Johns on something.

"I really am excited about it and I love him. He's the best," said the actor.

Aside from starring in "Batman v Superman," "Justice League One" and "Justice League Two," Affleck will also be appearing in a cameo as Batman in "Suicide Squad," which is due to hit theaters in August. His presence in the movie was also originally just a rumor until it was confirmed in a video released during last year's San Diego Comic-Con.

"Batman v Superman" is in theaters now and it's making quite the killing in the box office despite critics turning up their noses. In North America alone, the movie raked in $170.1 million during its opening weekend. Including earnings from overseas, "Batman v Superman" closed its first weekend with $424.1 million.

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