Ben Affleck Says He's Always 'Drawn' To His Character In 'Batman v Superman'


With only a little more than a week until the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck revealed in a televised sit-down interview for ABC that he's always been drawn to his character in the movie, Batman. The actor and director also expressed excitement over how the differences between the Caped Crusader and his "rival" Superman (Henry Cavill) is an intriguing premise for an action film.

"It's counter-intuitive," Affleck said, referring to the title of the film. "Because you think, A, well, they're both good guys, and, B, how could Batman really fight Superman since Superman is an alien and way stronger than him, and invulnerable?" 

But those aren't the only differences between DC Comics' two most famous superheroes -- and that's what Affleck loved about his role in the first place.

"Batman's the most interesting superhero, in a way, because he's the most human, you know. He's the most like us," Affleck said in an interview with the ABC News program Nightline. "And he can be kind of broken, which is really fascinating to be coupled with these -- all this heroic stuff." 

Affleck wasn't the only one who recognized something he was pulled to in the character of the Dark Knight. So was the movie's director, Zack Snyder, who wanted an actor that could be identified as the epitome of the character for decades to come.

"He had the experience that Batman that we know sort of collectively in pop culture," said Snyder of Affleck. "And I felt like that character had a chance against Superman because he could out-think him." 

Another one of Affleck's reasons for donning the pointed mask and talking through a voice distorter like the superhero we've come to know and love? Impressing his son, Samuel.

"I wanted to be in one of these movies that was ballsy, and that had something to say," Affleck told ABC. "And I wanted to do a movie that my kids would think was cool. ... My son thinks it's cool, at least." 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will launch in theaters nationwide on March 25. Check out the movie trailer in the video clip below.


Source: ABC News

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