Dark Souls is almost as well-known for its dark, foreboding atmosphere as it is for the game's brutal difficulty. The gameplay itself beats players into the ground, but it's the world that surrounds the tragic Undead that really brings the whole experience together.

True, the dark fantasy aesthetic is nothing new, but Dark Souls is a near-perfect example of how to use it.

Surprisingly, the Souls series has been slow to make the jump to other media. The games are great, there's no denying that, but it feels like there's potential for so much more - thankfully, director Eli Roth and the animation team over at Six Point Harness are here to fix that.

The game's latest trailer, simply titled "The Witches," is unlike any other Dark Souls teaser ever released. It may be a completely new medium for the franchise, but thanks to the trailer's dark visuals and gorgeous character design, Dark Souls has made the transition into animation better than most other series could ever hope to.

While the story is almost completely unrelated to that of Dark Souls III, it definitely feels at home in the franchise. Stories of weary travelers and foolish adventurers always seem to end in tragedy in the world of Dark Souls, and the brave knight featured in the trailer is no different.

What really sets the trailer apart is its style: one would think that, given the Souls' series penchant for a more realistic art style, that such a stylized piece wouldn't gel with the pre-established look. In the end, that couldn't be farther from the truth - it's definitely a different take on the series' usual style, but that doesn't mean the trailer looks anything less than incredible.

As an added bonus, Bandai Namco has also released a short behind-the-scenes video detailing the creative process and how director Eli Roth came on board. It's not especially long, but if you were hoping for more details on how everything came together, you're in luck:

After years of waiting, Dark Souls III is almost here: the game is set to make its long-awaited debut on April 12.

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