It's the priciest of the mainstream VR kits and its cost might be the cause of frustrations, even among those who have preordered HTC's Vive. Now that HTC is preparing to fulfill preorders of the Vive, some customers are encountering billing errors.

After being delayed by a few advancements, a room sensing camera and Chaperone, the Vive had its release date pushed back from the fall to April 5. So preorders for the headset and its kit finally opened on Feb. 29, with 15,000 orders pouring in during the first 10 minutes of availability.

With the Vive bundles set to ship out soon, HTC has started charging for those preorders. But it seems some credit cards are having trouble digesting the $800 price tag.

One of the major problems appears to be that fraud protection has been deflecting the charges, according to a report by Android Central. HTC is aware of the issue, apparently, and has issued a warning to Vive customers via Twitter.

This isn't the only billing-related issue HTC has faced in an attempt to sell its VR kit to the masses. Shortly after preorders opened at the end of February, some customers noticed their shipping chargers were higher than originally quoted.

The major issue with the shipping quotes were related to variances in shipping options between various regions. Some regions only offered express shipping, while ground shipping was available elsewhere.

The other issue, which affected "a small percentage of individuals," had to do with discrepancies between smartphone shipping quotes and the actual price of what HTC's shipping partners were charging.

"Once the error was identified, the shipping costs were corrected to reflect the weight/size estimate provided by our shipping partners," HTC said."In light of this error we will honor the lower quoted shipping price for those affected."

Those who are encountering difficulties with the processing of preoders can call HTC at 888-216-4736 to avoid losing their spots in line. There might be a good wait to speak with a representative.

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