Facebook may not have to worry about losing its millennial user base after all, a recent report by comScore concludes.

The study titled "2016 U.S. Cross Platform Future in Focus" disproves recent concerns that Facebook is experiencing a decline in its users.

Of note is high bandwidth usage allotted by users on Facebook which have led the charts provided. The study proves that recent updates in the social media giant are on the right track. These updates have kept its target audience investing time and attention on their various media platforms, across millennials and even those beyond the age cap.

Under Facebook Messenger, released updates include: airline features; mini-games like chess and basketball; and Uber integration. Soon to be released features for the Messenger app are: secret conversations or Snapchat-like messaging with heavier encryptions that protect messages; recently discovered codes that might become store payment features; and the addition of another car hailing app, Lyft.

On the social media site itself, Facebook has released updates that improve user experience and in general, are geared towards maximum marketability. These updates include: stricter identity protection securities that notify users when a duplicate account is caught; "Safety Check" for recent attacks in Europe; and the addition of live television, starting with E! Talk Show.

The idea is to create a multiplatform website that enables users access to different media and personal contents using only one tab or window. Facebook, seems to be succeeding in these aspects.

In comScore's report, the data gathered from users conclude that almost 19% of internet usage is based on social networking, or for 1 out of 5 minutes spent online. Within this margin, Facebook garners almost 100 percent engagement from people aged 18-34, spending more than 1,000 minutes per month on the site. Snapchat has the second largest engagement at around 400 minutes while Instagram has the second largest audience penetration at around 60 percent.

comScore's report also concludes that users aged 35 and above "are also heavy Facebook users, but don't spread their attention as heavily across other networks as Millennials."

The report by comScore aims to "examine some of the most important sectors of the cross-media ecosystem to show how the landscape has changed, who is leading the way, and what it all means for the year ahead - and beyond. It is an exciting time in the media industry, and we hope this exploration of today's key issues helps put the Cross-Platform Future in Focus."

Photo: Bhupinder Nayyar | Flickr

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