The face-off commercial video by Microsoft, dubbed as "Siri vs. Cortana - Mirror Mirror" shows the two virtual assistants, Siri and Cortana, talking to each other about each one's features. Similar to Microsoft's initial video that was released in July, HTC's Cortana tells why she is a better virtual assistant compared to Siri in a few words.

The video started with Siri looking at herself into a huge mirror and saying that she feels pretty. Then, Cortana appears in the video and Siri tells her that she looks nice. Cortana then started talking about her calendar and traffic features. Siri responded by asking Cortana if she sounds great as well. Cortana responded by saying that she has a pair of speakers for music. Siri, on the other hand, says that she only has one speaker and that she's sitting on it. After saying these words, the music "You Always Make Me Smile" by Kyle Andrews is played.

When Siri said that she is sitting on the speaker, she must be referring to the speaker's location on the iPhone. At this point in the video, there was a slight pause in the background music. It was a unique idea as it created a strong impact when Siri talked about sitting on the speaker.

It's also worth mentioning how Cortana's voice, which belongs to Jen Taylor, sounded so much better than Siri. This gives an impression that talking to Cortana would sound like talking to a real human which is in sharp contrast to Siri's "robotic" tone quality.

Cortana was announced earlier this year as one of the features of Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft wanted to emphasize the many reasons why Cortana is the "fairest" virtual assistant of them all. Moreover, Microsoft reiterates that the new HTC One M8 device for Windows is not just a pretty looking device but is also packed with several impressive features such as primary and secondary cameras, 2GB RAM, super LCD3 touchscreen of 1080 x 1920 pixels, and Qualcomm MSM8974AB Snapdragon 801 chipset.

"The new HTC One (M8) for Windows is more than just another pretty face. Sure, it has a sleek, brushed aluminum body and stunning 5" 1080p HD display. But now that it comes with Cortana, it's got even more brains and beauty," said in the video's description. It also adds how Cortana can make one's day easier by being able to do all kinds of things such as telling the right time to leave in order to beat traffic and to meet an appointment.

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