As the Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen generally gets her way. Sure, she still has a few challenges up ahead as Game of Thrones enters its sixth season but the actress playing her has a few ideas for the HBO hit TV series that a lot of people can undoubtedly get behind. After all, for a show about tits and dragons, there is something related missing in the mix.

Emilia Clarke sat down with Glamour for an interview as the magazine's cover girl for May. With Daenerys Targaryen being her biggest role to date, the Mother of Dragons was naturally a big part of the conversation. It turns out, however, that Clarke has more in common with Louisa Clark, her character in the upcoming Me Before You.

"I'm very close to Lou as a person. At school I was uncertain and unsure. So there was a sincerity that I was so desperate to play, because with Daenerys I've spent a career putting armor on," she said.

However, Clarke sees it as a wonderful thing that her Game of Thrones character is able to make women feel that they can be strong. In fact, she herself draws on Daenerys when she's not feeling confident.

"I know I'm gonna put the f--king wig on and go out there and let her refulfill me."

Clarke does draw the line when it comes to relationships, however. No Mother of Dragons mode for dates, I guess, unless she's dealing with a jerk, a situation that has fortunately not arisen for her.

Clarke and Daenerys have become synonymous in the eyes of Game of Thrones' audience. And being one of the show's most recognizable characters, the Khaleesi should have a say in how the story unfolds, right?

Given the chance to dictate the storyline, Clarke said she'd like to see Daenerys and all of her dragons sharing the Iron Throne, of course, eating barbecued goat. She'd also like all the pretty boys to be brought back with their pants down.

"I'm now the queen of everything! I'd like close-ups of all the boys' penises, please."

That's my girl.

Catch Daenerys and her dragons (and maybe some more pretty boys) when Game of Thrones comes back April 24th for its sixth season.

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