PlayStation 4 System Update 3.50 Goes Live: Here's The Complete Changelog And Features Besides Remote Play


Sony has pushed out the latest system software update for the PlayStation 4, and gamers on multiple platforms can rejoice.

This firmware takes the PS4 to version 3.50 and comes packed with features and improvements, the most sought after being the PS4 to PC Remote Play. This enables gamers to play PS4 games on Macs and PCs alike.

The size of the new firmware is about 300 MB, and should you be curious about the full changelog, read on.

PS4 Version 3.50 Main Features

- By going to Select (Events) - Create Event, players can create events. Simply add details such as a time and a date, the maximum number of players who are allowed to join, and start pelleting fellow gamers with invitations. Another place that allows you to create events is the Messages tab.

- The Party tab is now expanded with a Play Together feature. This allows online multiplayer games that have the Play Together support enabled to start quicker, and also permits you to invite other players to join them.

- An added element comes from the Notification messages. When your friends go online, you receive a (happy) warning. The setting can be tweaked by going to Settings, finding Notifications and tapping into the When Friends Go Online submenu.

    A helpful change from the latest PS4 update is that you may appear offline to other players although you are logged in. To enable the stealth mode, simply select Log In With Online Status "Appear Offline" in the Options menu. The status may be changed from the quick menu or profile screen.

    - Games can now be broadcasted on dailymotion.

    - We already reported on the feature that permits players to install PS4 Remote Play on computers running Apple's or Microsoft's OSs. By downloading the software, you can easily connect to your PS4 system.

      Other Notable Features

      - Event or party invitation sending is now allowed to reach communities or groups.

      - The social side of the platform got improved, as you may now share activities belonging to other players. Go to What's New, choose an activity to share and tap Share Activity to do so.

      - Another social highlight is that you can now tag opponents or team players when you upload screenshots or video clips. To do this, go to Settings, PlayStation Network/Account Management, find the Privacy Settings menu, enter Sharing Your Experience and reach the Tags.

      - It's also easier to follow other accounts now. Some verified accounts get showcased on the content info screen. It should be noted that the display depends on the content.

      - If you want to verify your PlayStation Network service status, go to Settings, choose Network and enter the submenu View Status of PlayStation Network Services.

      - When Friends join parties, Notifications no longer pop up. Tweak the setting by going to Settings, submenu Notifications, When Friends Join a Party.

      - Users who are above an age limit are able to make sub accounts sans receiving permission from a master account holder. Normally, a sub account requires special approval to get access to network features. The master account holder is able to filter parental controls by going to Settings, submenu Parental Controls.

      - Accessibility is now extended to multiple features.

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