Footage of a Ferrari F40 drifting in the snow last week was more than enough to drop auto enthusiasts' jaws in total awe.

Well, that beast on wheels has some competition. On Tuesday, CNET's Road Show spotted a supercharged 900-horsepower-plus Mustang drifting in anticipation of this weekend's Formula Drift season opener taking place in Long Beach, Calif.

Check out how driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. whips this 2016 Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR around in a drifting experience like no other. With 900-plus horses and over 9,000 rotations per minute (RPMs), this Mustang is literally screaming.

Hit play on this Ford Performance video and let your eyes and ears do the rest.

Gittin Jr. took to his Facebook page to say: "Nothing but raw horsepower from Ford Performance and insane grip from Nitto Tire creating some three-wheel motion awesomeness. King Off-Road Racing Shocks we might need some more droop travel???!!! #Nohydrosneeded."

He added: "We still have a lot to learn but I am pumped on where we are, heading into round one!"

Could have fooled us, as Gittin seems to do a masterful job behind the wheel, getting this 900-horsepower-plus specimen to hit the three-wheel drifting motion with control and precision.

This Mustang drifting definitely gives that snow-drifting Ferrari F40 some major competition. The latter was outfitted with special snow chains around its carbon kevlar wheels, enabling it to pull off the special feat.

"There have been snow films with cars before but nothing like this," director of the Red Bull short film Luke Huxham told last week. "AWD cars don't even register on the same level."

Huxham said capturing apt audio to complement the awestruck footage of a Ferrari drifting through snow was the hardest part of pulling off the video. Well, Ford Performance didn't have any trouble capturing the revved-up sound of this custom Mustang.

Watch these videos back-to-back to truly feel their heart-racing effects.

After all, it's not every day that we're able to see supercharged vehicles like these burn rubber and drift.

If these visuals and audio don't make your heart pound, nothing will.

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