The folks over at Computer Bild have created an iPhone version of the Frankenstein monster, taking advantage of China-manufactured iPhone SE-sized iPhone 6/iPhone 6s casings to create what is termed as the "iPhone 6 SE."

The four-inch iPhone SE shipped with a chassis similar to the iPhone 5s and not the iPhone 6s, which is what pushed the website to try out modding the iPhone SE to look more like the recent device as opposed to the outdated one.

The mod took Computer Bild's most experienced engineer over two hours to complete, which means that the project requires a good grasp on smartphone hardware knowledge. In addition, the China-made backplate is not manufactured in as good a quality as that of the real iPhone, with some of the buttons hard to press and the connectors not flush-mounted. It is, however, still suitable for daily use.

"Only attempt the iPhone conversion if you're a pro. If you have never opened an iPhone before, you are most likely going to fail," the website warned.

For those that will be attempting to create their own iPhone 6 SE despite these warnings, just make sure to follow the instructions step-by-step and to remember where all the parts of the device go, including all the screws, wires and covers. In addition, extreme care should be exercised when handling the more sensitive components, such as the flat cables under the logic board, which can get severed if pulled on too hard.

The instructions are fully laid out here, with the mod kits able to be purchased from shops such as AliExpress. The search term to punch in for the backplate should be something along the lines of "iPhone 5 iPhone 6 housing."

Needless to say, those who try to convert their iPhone SE into the iPhone 6 SE will have the warranty for their smartphone voided, even if they are able to transform their device back to its original form.

Is it worth it to go through all the trouble and risk seriously damaging the iPhone SE to create the iPhone 6 SE? Most would say no, but for those who have the skills to pull off the mod and the desire to update the look of the new four-inch iPhone, why not go for it?

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