Serving as a digital kiosk for the insides of living spaces, Withing's Home device layers several elements of home monitoring into one cylindrical package.

Withings has made a name for itself in the sector of connected homes by releasing a series fitness bands, sleep monitors and scales that talk back.

The Home monitoring station, Withings' latest product, sets out to improve the quality of life inside of homes. It tracks motion, captures video with its wide-angle lens, monitors air quality and analyses local sounds for signs of distress. The Home was conceptualized and released to round out the Withings' health experience, according to Withings President Philippe Schwarz.

"Connected health isn't just about the quantified body," said Schwarz. "It is about the health of the house. There are some bad particles in the air, but also feeling safe in your home is part of a healthy environment."

While the Home makes no effort to blend its HD eyeball into it's faux-wood exterior, the device was designed to be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional home surveillance cameras, according to Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings.

"Home security cameras can often look ugly and indiscreet," said Hutchings (PDF). "Just like the rest of our product range, we put extra attention into the design to make sure we create the emotional link that ensures long‐term adoption by the whole family."

Inside the Withings Home, there are two digital microphones and a high-fidelity speaker. The microphones feature noise-reduction and echo-cancelation tech.

The HD camera, with its 135-degree lens, includes an infrared switch for night vision. The Home can detect noise, crying, motion and people, and has environmental sensors as well to detect volatile organic compounds and temperatures.

"All our devices so far have primarily served the body. They provide valuable information around blood pressure, activity levels, weight -- all data that can inspire healthy choices in diet, exercise and sleep," said Hutchings (PDF). "With Withings Home, we're addressing a very critical part of the health and well-being puzzle that has not yet been served by a single device. Home helps ensure your family is both safe and living in a healthy environment."

Withings said the Home will integrate Apple's HomeKit software in iOS 8 when the application programming interface (API) is released (PDF).

As an Apple partner, it follows that Withings will also look at integrating Apple's incoming HealthKit API into its product line. The HealthKit API should be released with the launch of the iPhone 6, an event expected to occur on Sept. 9 at a press event in Cupertino, Calif.

Home is expected to retail for $219, and will come in other color options. There was no date on when it would be available.

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