AccuWeather Now Provides Data For Planning Outdoor Events Up To 90 Days Out


Those who want to plan events according to the weather up to 90 days out will now be able to do so with a new AccuWeather feature, launched on April 11.

Day By Day 90-Day Forecast is available via desktop and mobile, and it's designed to provide advanced notice on weather conditions in a detailed format. Pennsylvania-based AccuWeather claims that its new feature should help individuals plan everything from baseball games to outdoor weddings.

Prior to the launch of Day By Day 90-Day Forecast, individuals could only use a 45-day forecast predictor to plan into the future. The new feature utilizes proprietary global weather data sources and complex modeling to deliver results. The forecast includes "real feel" temperatures, sky conditions, precipitation, wind speed and direction, precipitation amounts, thunderstorm probability, cloud cover and ultraviolet index. 

"AccuWeather continues to be a pioneer in providing users with industry-leading weather innovation, helping them to better plan their lives and stay safe," said Steven Smith, president of Digital Media at AccuWeather. "Every day, we challenge ourselves to provide our users with the world's best and most impactful forecasts available worldwide. Driven by customer demand, the Day By Day 90-Day Forecast was developed to provide our users the same intuitive trend tool they rely on with AccuWeather's Day By Day 45-Day Forecast, now showing expected weather conditions three months in advance."

Individuals can access AccuWeather's 90-day forecast feature by logging on to the website and then typing in their specific location. Once the page loads, clicking on the "Extended" tab reveals a forecast that spans up to 90 days.

AccuWeather's Day By Day 90-Day Forecast is specifically geared toward consumers, but the company also offers a number of products and solutions to businesses in a wide range of industries looking for complete weather coverage. For example, its Geographic Information Systems help businesses view and analyze weather information pertaining to specific locations around the globe. AccuWeather also markets a virtual portal where business operators can monitor the conditions at multiple company locations simultaneously. 

Long-range forecasts provided by AccuWeather are used by the general public, as well as government agencies. Currently, AccuWeather's enterprise solutions serve more than 240 Fortune 500 companies. Established in 1962, the company claims that approximately 1.5 billion people rely on its services each day.

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