Rumor: Will This 'Doctor Who' Actor Portray Darth Vader In 'Star Wars: Rogue One'?


Two words that always strike fear and excitement in the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere: Darth Vader.

So it's no wonder that rumors about the character's appearance in the next Star Wars film, Rogue One, now run rampant on the Internet.

The latest rumor not only tries to confirm the appearance of the iconic villain in the movie, but also claims that actor Spencer Wilding will be the heavy breathing man behind the nefarious black mask.

The rumor comes courtesy of Flickering Myth, who claims that sources told the website that they saw Wilding on the set of Rogue One, running lines as Darth Vader, although the site admits that it's likely those lines will eventually get dubbed with James Earl Jones' voice, who also provided the voice for the character in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Wilding is a stunt actor, and although he played a small part in Guardians of the Galaxy, he is also known for his work on Doctor Who: he was the Minotaur in "The God Complex" episode, the Wooden King in "The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe" and an Ice Warrior in "Cold War."

Flickering Myth originally posted about the rumors that Darth Vader would appear in Rogue One, but at the time, the site reported that actor Hayden Christensen would portray the character, reprising his version of Vader from the prequel movies.

After the release of the Rogue One trailer earlier this month, many fans swore they heard Darth Vader breathing in the background of one particular scene, lending credence to the rumors that fans will see him at some point in the movie. Considering that Rogue One is a film based around the Death Star, it would certainly make sense that Vader would show up in the movie with some dialogue. His appearance would also get fans even more excited about the film's release later this year: Vader remains a favorite with Star Wars fans.

For now, though, these are all just rumors, and until there's more confirmation, take them for that. We'll know for sure, though, when Star Wars: Rogue One hits theaters this year on Dec. 16.

Photo: BBC

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