You Can Buy Foam Versions Of Harley Quinn's 'Suicide Squad' Weapons


Harley Quinn is almost never seen without her signature mallet, and it looks like those who can't get enough of the character's upcoming appearance in Suicide Squad will soon be able to get one of their own. 

Factory Entertainment is now accepting preorders for the SWAT (Soft Weapons and Tactics) renditions of Quinn's iconic mallet and baseball bat from the film. They are essentially soft, foam prop weapons that are great for fake-battling or roleplaying. 

Better yet, each weapon is movie-accurate for those who want to use them as part of costumes. The baseball bat reads "good night" and also features the various signatures seen on the bat in images from the movie, while the mallet sports a smiley face with two "X"es for eyes. From the font choice to the colors used, the two weapons look spot-on (if you look past the child-friendly material from which they are made). 

The two weapons are expected to arrive in October, a few months after the release of the movie. Quinn's baseball bat is retailing for $29.99, while her larger mallet will sell for $39.99. Considering how Margot Robbie's Quinn looks to be one the the movie's standout performances (alongside Jared Leto's still controversial Joker), the two weapons should prove to be a popular item for fans of the character. 

It's not Factory Entertainment's first time offering SWAT weapons based on DC Comic properties. The manufacturer also crafted foam weaponry for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, including Batarangs and Wonder Woman's sword and shield. Those are expected to arrive in June. 

Suicide Squad is set to arrive in theaters Aug. 5, 2016. The film is currently doing reshoots to add more action. Previous rumors stated the movie was seeking to add more humor to the film in light of negative reception to Batman v Superman's overly serious tone, but director David Ayer says that's not the case. In other DC movie news, it is now confirmed that Ben Affleck will be directing and starring in a standalone Batman film, though there are no details yet on what the movie will be about.

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