Some Tesla Model X owners are complaining that the windshield of the car causes double vision effect.

The Tesla Model X is a full-size all-electric crossover SUV, which the carmaker announced in 2012. The electric vehicle (EV) started reaching customers from September 2015 and the company has delivered about 2,700 cars.

Some people who have received delivery of the Model X have complained of windshield issues with the EV.

A Tesla Model X owner, who took the delivery of the car on Dec. 31, 2015, says that he is seeing two sets of brake lights and headlights on cars at night. The Model X owner claims that his vision is absolutely fine.

"At night, when looking through the front windshield straight ahead, I see two sets of brakelights on cars in front of me - one set low and the other set slightly higher. In other words, this is a high/low effect not left/right, where the lower lights are brighter and the higher lights are dimmer - but still visible. Same is true of headlights if a car is driving towards me," complained the Model X owner.

Some users are also facing triple vision effect even during the day.

"I noticed this annoying double image problem (actually triple image if light source is bright enough). I see it during the day on very bright specular highlight reflections of the sun. This is on a Model X delivered late in March," says another Model X owner.

Another Model X owner with the user name of Jeff McClure on Tesla Motors Club forum also posted some images of the double vision effect caused by the car's windshield. McClure says that Tesla service center has ordered a new windshield for him after reviewing the photos.

Jalopnik, a news and opinion website about cars, reached out to Tesla regarding the windshield issue on some Model X cars and the company responded that they have received small number of complaints regarding the problem.

"Reflections (ghosting) occurs in all laminated glass to varying degrees. This is most frequently seen at night and can affect some drivers more than others. We have received only a small number of questions from Model X customers about the windshield and have taken action to address these unique cases," says a Tesla spokesperson.

The company claims that the Model X has the largest all glass panoramic windshield in production, which has optimized solar tinting. The large windshield creates obstruction-free unlimited visibility for the driver and all passengers.

The Model X has a base price of $83,000 and customers paying so much will not be happy to find that the windshield of the car causes double vision effect. 

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