DJI has launched its most powerful drone yet - dubbed Matrice 600 or M600 - which is meant for professional work.

Drones can be used for commercial or recreational purposes. However, the M600 launched on April 17 is ideal for professional film making, aerial photography and commercial applications.

The M600 features the company's latest A3 flight controller. It also includes advanced Lightbridge 2 video-transmission technology, which offers HD live-streaming and high frame rates at distances of up to 5 kilometers.

"The M600 is the most-powerful and easiest-to-use professional platform DJI has ever produced," says Paul Pan, senior product manager at DJI. "We've pre-programmed all M600 platform data and information into the A3 flight controller, remote and transmission system to minimize setup and get you flying as quickly as possible."

The drone has a six-rotor system and it can carry a payload of about 6 kilograms, which makes it ideal for heavy-lifting of high-tech cameras. The payload carrying capability of the drone will allow users to attach the new Ronin MX - the first universal aerial gimbal the company has made.

DJI says that the flight distance covered by M600 will vary upon its payload. However, the drone can be in flight for about 36 minutes with DJI's Zenmuse X5 camera.

"The new DJI Matrice 600 is a heavy-lifting platform that gives you the freedom to use the best camera equipment available to shoot from the sky. Capable of extended flight times and featuring built-in and add-on redundancies for maximum reliability, the M600 is the ideal aerial system for professional filmmaking," says DJI.

The propulsion system of DJI's latest offering is dustproof, which increases durability of the drone and simplifies its maintenance. DJI says that the drone has actively cooled motors, which makes the M600 more reliable in the air. The landing gear of the drone is fully retractable to 360-degree for unobstructed imaging.

The company claims that the drone has six DJI Intelligent Batteries. The power distribution and battery-management system lets users to switch the six batteries on and off with ease. The system also allows the drone to be in flight if one of the batteries fails.

The M600 can definitely assist professionals for taking aerial imagery. However, the drone has a steep price tag of $4,599. The Ronin MX can be purchased separately for $1,599, but both of these bundled together will cost customers $5,999.

Check out a short video of the DJI M600 below.

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