Taylor Swift is basically controlling what we listen to through her ads for Apple Music.

Apple released a new ad for its music streaming service that features our favorite red lipstick-wearing artist looking for the perfect playlist to listen to while she is getting dressed.

The ad starts with Swift pulling up Apple Music and selecting the "Getting Ready to Go Out" playlist, before discovering the perfect song that she used to listen to in middle school: Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle."

Chances are, this is one of the songs you loved to jam out to back in the early 2000s as well, and have forgotten about it ever since.

As Taylor brings the catchy tune back to life with her best emo, yet high-energy lip-syncing performance, there is no doubt that we will all start streaming this song once again — because Swift seriously has the power to make any song cool.

Take, for example, her first Apple Music ad that was released on April 1. Called "Taylor vs. Treadmill," the ad featured the singer impressively lip syncing to Drake and Future's single "Jumpman" that is featured on Apple's "#gymflow" playlist.

"Jumpman" now has more than 60 million views on social media, and according to Billboard, the iTunes sales of the single increased 431 percent worldwide, and the playlist became the number 5 playlist of the week just days after the ad was released. Talk about the power of Taylor.

We can only imagine more people going back to the alternative music of the '00s now that Swift has strangely made Jimmy Eat World relevant again.

Interestingly enough, Apple Music head of content Larry Jackson revealed in an interview with Fast Company that idea for the ads was actually all Swift's.

Of course, the ads starring Swift was the perfect fit since she is a music icon and part of the "Apple Music clubhouse," along with Drake.

"To have Drake and Future benefit from a commercial with Taylor made me really proud," Jackson said.

While Jimmy Eat World is now basking in the newfound fame, there will surely be more artists that could potentially see their sales spike thanks to the Apple ads. Jackson revealed that more ads starring Swift will continue to be released.

"Our strategy is to actually roll this campaign out like we would a record," he said. "You release one single, it's got a certain longevity, then the next single drops. What we're doing here, to avoid it all fading out too soon, is using the same cadence as an album — spot comes out, hype dies down two week later, then out comes another spot, same thing happens, then drop the next one. So we're using the same approach with spots as we would with singles."

Until then, we will join Taylor by jamming out to "The Middle" as we add the "Getting Ready to Go Out" playlist as what to stream next.

Source: Fast Company

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