You find a really cool blog that you can relate to on Tumblr and just know you and the author would instantly become BFFs. However, when you want to send them a message, you can't figure out what to say without sounding like a total creep.

Well, now, Tumblr users will be able to break the ice with others more easily, thanks to this new feature that is included in the most recent update for iOS and Android. 

Version 5.8 of Tumblr includes a new chat feature that will make sure you never start a conversation awkwardly again.

"Now messaging windows gently suggests some things to talk about with Tumblrs you're about to message for the first time," the company writes on the app page. "In case you panic under pressure and forget everything."

There have probably been instances where something you say comes off wrong or you found yourself embarrassed by the awkward conversation after the initial "hey" and "what's up?" Before long, you run out of things to say. Crickets.

These new conversation starters are a helpful way to prevent that, even though the examples given might not be the best, like "how heavy is a tank, do you think?" and "how heavy is two tanks?"

We think it's safer to instead use ones like "frosted animal crackers: any good?" to help start talking about the user's tastes and preferences.

The conversation starters are supposed to pop up when you message a Tumblr user for the first time. However, the feature did not seem to appear yet on this reporter's account, even after updating. It's unclear if the suggestions come up after the recipient replies.

Tumblr does provide the user with information about what the person commonly posts about using hashtags like #fashion and #style, for example.

The new chat-messaging feature appears to have hit Android first on Thursday, followed by the iOS update on Monday. The desktop site does not include the conversation starter suggestions.

Tumblr first added its chat feature last November, an obvious move since messaging capabilities are available on just about every social media app — like Snapchat and Instagram — that is popular among teens and young adults. Users can send text, links and GIFs to other users when they tap on the chat bubble with a plus icon located on the top-right of the user's name, or when tapping the icon of the button on the screen.

Source: The Next Web

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