In a world where we're all trying to get everything done at a lightning-fast pace, it only makes sense that we need to eat faster, too.

Luckily, there are several fast food chains to satisfy this need, but that creates a problem in itself — which one should you buy from?

Furthermore, how do you narrow down all of the delectable options?

Here are all of the fast food apps you need to quell your hunger, whether you want a burger or a giant soda.

Fast Food Locator

This app is exactly what you need if you're a fast food fiend. Regardless of where you are, Fast Food Locator will help you hunt down all of the local fast food hot spots in your area. You can also use voice search to look for restaurants hands-free.


Domino's knows pizza, and evidently, it also knows how to create helpful apps. The pizza chain's app gives users the option to design the perfect pizza, and then track it from its humble beginnings to delivery. Users can also resubmit recent orders if they want another pie.

100+ Recipes Fast Food

If you aren't in the mood to go out, why not create your favorite fast food in the kitchen? This app is designed to provide you with all of the recipes you need to whip up everything from fries to burgers in your own home.

Taco Bell

If it's tacos you're craving, Taco Bell's app has you covered. You can order whatever you like from the fast food chain and arrange for it to be available for pick-up at the drive-thru or in-store at a specific time. Users can also play a puzzle game on the app to earn points toward food — think of it as a creative rewards program, app-style.

Fast Food Calories

If you want to know exactly what's going into your body when you take a bite of a Big Mac, you may want to download this app. As its name states, Fast Food Calories gives users insight into how many calories, fat, protein and carbs are into some of the most popular fast food chains' meals.


Can't get enough of Subway? Make sure you're never too short on time to grab a bite to eat with the app. Specifically designed to save time, the Subway app allows users to place an order ahead of time and pick it up within 15 minutes. Individuals can also pay for their orders beforehand via smartphone.

Grubhub Food Delivery

For those who already know and love Grubhub, the Food Delivery/Takeout app is a must. This app will guide you through all of the fast food restaurants in your area that could satisfy what you're craving. Once you decide on a place, just order from its menu and get it delivered to your door. The app includes almost 40,000 restaurants across the country.


If you're in more of a baked potato or Frosty mood, check out the Wendy's app. It continues to expand in cities nationwide, offering customers a way to pay with funds loaded directly into the app. Think of it as a fast food bank account, specifically for Wendy's. With the app, you can pay for meals and locate restaurants near you.

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