Taking a cue from the interactive Choose Your Own Adventure book series, where the reader decides the story's outcome, an enterprising YouTuber by the moniker Many A True Nerd has created a similar-style series for Fallout: New Vegas.

Many A True Nerd has created a Choose Your Own Apocalypse series on YouTube for the recently-released Fallout: New Vegas game where one has to choose between killing and talking.

"Fallout: New Vegas - Choose Your Own Apocalypse is an interactive novel, played entirely within YouTube. Make your choices, pick your allies, select the best approach, and maybe you'll make it all the way to New Vegas...," notes Many A True Nerd.

The concept is quite interesting as instead of leafing through the pages of a book and turning them, one is progressing in this Choose Your Own Apocalypse series by clicking on annotations. The annotations are there at each clip's end.

The execution by Many A True Nerd is laudable. The aim in Fallout: New Vegas Choose Your Own Apocalypse series is to arrive in Vegas alive. To do this one is required to select the correct route, the perfect allies and of course, not getting murdered by the deadly Deathclaws in the initial few clips.

Multiple routes are at the gamer's disposal to get to the end -- a la Choose Your Own Adventure book series format -- so it is up to one which route they opt for.

The YouTube series Fallout: New Vegas Choose Your Own Apocalypse follows the premise where a gamer has to take a decision at each video's end. The storyline is the same as the original Fallout: New Vegas.

In the first video from the YouTube series, one wakes from their bed and is told that they have been shot. The gamer is guided to talk to people in town to garner clues as to who was responsible for shooting them. The player then has to decide if they wish to go to Primm or Las Vegas first.

Each clip in the YouTube series is between 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. Each clip will also end with a choice that will influence the outcome of the game, where the adventure will lead you too.

How To Play Fallout: New Vegas Choose Your Own Apocalypse

Simply play the first video.

Ensure you have enabled the annotations as the game is played entirely via annotated videos.

Fallout: New Vegas Choose Your Own Apocalypse may not work on mobile devices as they may not support the embedding of annotations in the video. Therefore, it is better to play on the PC.

Check out the first video of the Fallout: New Vegas Choose Your Own Apocalypse below.

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