Fallout games are huge. It's like they're designed with the sole intent of keeping players locked into their worlds for hundreds upon hundreds of hours — which, considering how good the games have always been, is hardly a bad thing.

Some games can get downright boring after a dozen or so hours ... Fallout, on the other hand, can keep things interesting after breaking into triple digits.

While most players are perfectly content with playing through Fallout normally, there are always a few fans who want to push the games to their limits. Some will try to play through Fallout 4 without killing anything, some have made it through Fallout 3 as a baby, and there are plenty of gamers who will try to make it through the games as quickly as possible.

Take YouTuber Kungkobra: as an avid speedrunner, it should come as no surprise that he recently attempted to blaze through Fallout: New Vegas as quickly as possible.

What is surprising is that he beat the game in roughly 20 minutes and set a new World Record at the same time:

Obviously, Kungkobra isn't playing the game as it was designed to be played. There are a number of different glitches in play here, but the most important is one known as "Speedcripple" — Kobra is basically tricking the game into giving him a speed boost despite the fact that both of his legs are broken.

That's not to say that there's nothing but glitches on display: it's clear the Kobra has memorized much of New Vegas, including the fastest route through both the world map and conversation trees. What would normally take hours of playing ends up taking just a few minutes, even if Kobra is skipping over most of the game's content.

What's even more impressive is that Kungkobra's run now stands as the world record for fastest New Vegas run ever. It's been a surprisingly hard-fought battle: Kobra managed to set a world record on Dec. 27, only to have it bested by another runner just a few hours later. Now, with a total time of 20:47, Kobra is once again the champion of New Vegas speedruns — though another new world record could be just around the corner ...

If you're looking for even more speedrunning, the bi-annual Games Done Quick event begins on Jan. 3. For more of Kobra's runs, head on over to his YouTube channel.

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