Between naming Xiaomi's next big phone the Pro, Plus, Big or Max, it was the latter option that ultimately won the people's choice.

The Xiaomi Max will be the company's latest product offering and the Chinese smartphone maker is going to the max with it.

In fact, we're pretty sure Xiaomi will use the maximum screen size possible that will still allow for it to fit in one hand. At a massive 6.4-inches, however, the Xiaomi Max certainly won't be handy enough for one-handed use.

The latest leaked photos purportedly show the Xiaomi Max's front glass panel and it looks intriguing. Based on the leaked front frame, it appears the Max will indeed be a phablet-type device with very thin bezels on the side. That should at least hopefully make it easier to grip in one hand.

On the top, a lone cutout for a speaker is flanked on both sides by what appears to be a front-facing selfie camera and what is most likely a proximity light sensor. On the bottom, there are three capacitive buttons: menu, home and back.

What is glaringly missing from the leaked photos is any type of physical button for what would have handled fingerprint scanning. Since it would be unlikely for Xiaomi to leave out such a default feature on most flagships today, the design suggests that the Max's fingerprint support could be on the rear of the device or embedded directly into the display itself.

The technology for integrated fingerprint scanning in a display already exists. Qualcomm, the maker of the well-known Snapdragon processor, calls its technology Snapdragon Sense ID. It allows for smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi to make use of fingerprint scanning technology through glass, plastic and certain metals. Xiaomi could be the first to pull it off with its Max.

Besides its massive display and mystery fingerprint scanner, the Xiaomi Max is expected to be built in what is now the standard all-metal unibody design with a 64-bt Snapdragon 820 processor powering the handset from within.

As with any other story revolving around a leak, most of what we know is at most just a rumor. The facts will slowly come out as the launch of the Xiaomi Max, expected to be sometime in May, is drawing closer.

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