Dark Souls 3 is, understandably, a relatively dark and dreary game — but that doesn't mean it can't have a few lighthearted moments throughout its 60-hour runtime.

One of the best sources for lighthearted fun in the land of Lothric is a lone knight named Siegward. As one of the onion-shaped Catarina knights, he's one of the most recognizable callbacks to the original Dark Souls — though his questline isn't nearly as tragic as the first game's Siegmeyer. In fact, following Siegward through Lothric can be downright jolly at times ... you'll just have to find him first.

Finding Siegward isn't all that tough, but as his questline continues, it can be a real pain to try and find him. Dark Souls 3 refuses to hold players' hands, even when it comes to finding a friendly face — but with our handy guide, finding Siegward and completing his quest should be a walk in the park.


If you hadn't already guessed, we'll be talking about the end of Siegward's quest — if you want to try and figure it out on your own, bookmark this guide and come back if you need help.

In the Undead Settlement

You'll first encounter Siegward near the end of the Undead Settlement: in the church behind Eygon of Carim (the guy with the giant hammer), you'll find a small lift in the back. However, before you can use it, the elevator activates itself — and after a short wait, Siegward will appear. Talking to him will reveal that he's stuck, as the lift only goes down — or so he says.

Step on the elevator, then quickly jump off — it'll head back down, revealing a secondary platform. Jump onto the newly-revealed platform, and then take the lift up. You'll find the giant who was firing those massive arrows at you, but after a quick conversation, he'll agree to keep you covered.

Head back onto the lift, and immediately start looking for a small platform made of wooden planks. Instead of riding the elevator, you'll want to jump onto this platform roughly halfway down (you'll hear Siegward's trademark humming when you're close). If you time it right, you'll land on the platform, only to find Siegward again — talk to him, then ignore what he says about thinking things through and go attack the fire demon that's patrolling down below.

Siegward will rush to your aid, and if he survives the fight, he'll share a drink with you afterward. Then, despite the fact that he's sitting in the ruins of a small village, he'll fall asleep.

In the Cathedral of the Deep

Siegward's gone and gotten himself stuck in a well.

To continue the questline, you'll first need to find Patches — which you can do with our handy guide — and either buy Siegward's armor from him, or take it by force. It's possible to run into Patches wearing the Catarina armor in the Cathedral of the Deep, but it's not necessary to unlock him — if you're just looking to help Siegward out, it's probably best to simply buy the Tower key and explore the Firelink Shrine. You'll also need to take out the Deacons of the Deep, though their boss fight isn't particularly difficult.

Outside of the Church of Cleansing bonfire, there's a small well tucked away in the corner — if you're looking up toward the witches, it'll be on your right. Approach it, and you'll find Siegward stuck at the bottom without his armor. As it turns out, someone managed to steal it from him.

If you have the Catarina set in your possession, you'll see a prompt to drop it down to him. He'll thank you for it, then move on when you reload the area.

In Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

As you make your way through Irithyll, you'll eventually find yourself in the middle of a wide-open marsh — it's the area immediately before the Distant Manor bonfire. If you look along the wall closest to the city itself, you'll find a small sewer, and if you make your way through it, it'll open up into a long-forgotten kitchen.

You'll find Siegward here, enjoying some Estus soup. He'll share it with you, then immediately fall asleep.

In the Irithyll Dungeon

It should come as no surprise that, by the time you find him again, Siegward's gotten himself captured again. Thankfully, getting him out isn't all that difficult — you'll just have to find a way into his cell.

To find the key, you'll need to head into the depths of the Irithyll Dungeon. Once you've found the room with the sleeping giant, head around the perimeter until you enter the sewage drain filled with rats. Head to the far end to find a chest containing the Old Cell Key — and get ready to fight the basilisks that drop down on the way out.

To find Siegward himself, head past the Profaned Capital bonfire and into the ruins behind it (if you start getting shelled with fireballs, you're headed the wrong way). You'll find a sunken church in the middle of a toxic swamp — from there, head straight through and up the ladder. Once you've made it to the roof of the church, jump back across the stairwell you just climbed, and you'll find Siegward sitting in his cell.

In the Profaned Capital

If you've followed Siegward's questline properly, he'll appear during your fight with Yhorm the Giant. There's no special trigger or summon sign — he literally just shows up. During the fight, Siegward will wield his own version of the Storm Ruler sword — if you thought Yhorm was a pushover already, just wait until Siegward joins the fray.

After the battle (if he survives), Siegward will offer up one last toast. If you reload the area, you'll find his Catarina armor and the Storm Ruler sword.

Siegward's quest is one of the few moments of levity in Dark Souls 3, but it's far from the only NPC quest — we'll have more guides on the way shortly, so make sure to stay tuned to our coverage hub for more updates!

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