A Swedish software engineer — Johan Kanflo — has made a wireless Arduino clone called AADuino, which is the size of an AA battery.

Kanflo explains that the AADuino has an onboard RF module, which fits neatly within the form factor of an AA battery. The AADuino includes an ATmega328 clocked at 8MHz for reducing the power consumption and a HopeRF RFM69C radio module.

With all these things fitted in a small form factor, the AADuino still has enough room to accommodate a couple of DS18B20 temperature sensors and an indicator LED.

Kanflo suggests that he puts the AADuino along with two AA batteries in a 3xAA box, which he purchased from eBay.

The software engineer says that if the AADuino is wired to the + and - poles (reversed), it can also get power from the batteries next to it. The design of the AADuino is elegant and cool, which many Arduino enthusiasts will appreciate.

Arduino is a project, a software company and a user community, which designs and makes computer open-source hardware, open-source software and microcontroller-based kits for building digital devices and interactive objects.

Software and hardware experts have been using Arduino for controlling various things. According to a LikeHacker report a developer used Arduino to make a system that would control three sets of blinds.

Arduino has been the brain behind thousands of successful projects. Students, professionals, artists, programmers, hobbyists and more around the world use the open source platform.

The Arduino software is easy-to-use for those who do not have electronics or programming background. However, it is also flexible enough for advanced users. Users can run Arduino software on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Arduino is mainly used for building low cost instruments, which are useful for proving physics and chemistry principles, or to get started with robotics and programming.

The AADuino is one of the latest projects that attracted many fans. People who want to make their own instruments can purchase a starter kit that includes an UNO board and components for 15 projects and step-by-step tutorials.

The company is also offering a 10 percent discount to customers who purchase an Arduino and Genuino starter kit on April 20 or April 21.

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