Barry Allen often goes against the odds to save the people he cares about, but can he save them without his superpowers?

In a new preview for next week's episode of The Flash, Barry must question what he can do after a meta-human captures Harrison Wells. Without his speed, Barry feels as if he is nothing, but he still dons the suit in an effort to save his friend.

"Everybody's going to realize sooner or later that I don't have my speed," says Barry in the trailer as he takes the city bus, a sure indication that things aren't quite right with him. "I'm just a regular guy," he says.

Barry has his hands full, too, with Zoom still out there. How will he fight when he no longer has his powers? Will he ever get his speed back? If he does, will he still be capable of defeating Zoom? Why did Zoom want those powers so desperately, anyway?

"It is not purely vanity," Teddy Sears, the actor behind Zoom, said to TV Line. "There is a very specific reason why he needs this speed. But it's funny, as we head towards the finale, lots of different things that will come to light. We'll see that he wants this speed, needs this speed, for a number of different reasons, all personal."

Perhaps those reasons have something to do with the way Zoom, aka Hunter Zolomon, feels about Caitlin. In earlier episodes when the team knew him as Jay Garrick, he and Caitlin fell in love.

"Hunter Zolomon has been kissing Caitlin this whole time, and Hunter Zolomon has real feelings for Caitlin, while he played everybody else," Sears said. "What wasn't part of the plan was falling for Caitlin, so that was a nice little twist. That was something the writers wanted me to keep in mind very early on, that what quote-unquote "Jay" is experiencing for Caitlin is very real and unanticipated. The one thing that was real, the only thing that was real, was his feelings for her."

One thing is for certain: viewers will learn more by continuing to watch The Flash on The CW on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT.

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