Pavlok's new Indiegogo-funded alarm clock gadget claims that, through its unique method of classical conditioning, it can change night owls into morning people — and it probably can.

While other alarm clocks in the industry have used gentle methods, such as requiring people to smile or wafting aromas of bacon up people's noses, and others have used drastic methods like inviting a complete stranger to wake you up or slapping a person repeatedly, Pavlok seems to have found an effective compromise of both worlds.

Introducing the Shock Clock.

The Shock Clock is a wearable alarm clock that literally shocks people into waking up with a jolt of electricity. Much like Pavlov's idea, this method conditions people to eventually push themselves out of bed every morning in fear of getting zapped again.

It's a bit torture-like, but hands-on reports say that the wearable device only uses an ample amount of static electricity to wake someone up — just enough to make a person's brain register the shock, have their hand jerk in reaction and wake them into alertness.

Users also have the option of using gradual alarm methods that increase in efficiency. Those include first vibrating, then playing a tone, and finally, zapping.

The technology may sound familiar, because it's already been released before.

Roughly two years ago, Pavlok had initiated an earlier version of the device through Indiegogo as well. The company's namesake device uses the same methods, but for more general applications that shock the bad habits out of people, like smoking or nail-biting.

So, why the rebranding if it's just the same?

Well, technically, it isn't, according to developers.

The original Pavlok shocking device is priced at $199, with features such as self-zapping and habit-training used for all general bad habits, while the Shock Clock is priced at $99 with no self-zaps, better sleep tracking and better motion tracking, focusing more on being an effective alarm clock.

Furthermore, the Shock Clock is built to efficiently work alongside Pavlok's alarm clock app.

Currently, the app is a simple alarm clock with basic features, which is why the company is starting an Indiegogo project in the first place, to help it develop the technology. Later on, the app will have several new features unlocked as the campaign reaches its target funds.

The promotional video for the Shock Clock can be viewed below:

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