Popular note-taking app Evernote just got a major update for its Windows version, adding a slew of improvements bound to enhance the overall experience.

With the latest Evernote for Windows, it's now easier to take notes, remember and discover things you want to keep track of.

"Today, we're thrilled to unveil the all-new Evernote for Windows," says Evernote. "For this release, we really wanted to hone in on the intuitive essence of Evernote, refining and expanding upon the foundational strengths that make Evernote great."

Sidebar Navigation Improvements

The Evernote sidebar navigation is now more intuitive, aiming to provide a seamless and natural experience. The left sidebar is now pared down so the workflow is more streamlined, allowing users to find and handle their saved content much faster.

With the new sidebar, users can now pull up all their Note List notes simply by selecting "Notebooks," and reveal all their notebook stacks and non-stacked Notebooks by expanding this section.

Creating a stack or moving a notebook someplace else is now easier as well, thanks to the new drag and drop feature.

Evernote also gets a separate "Trash" section, allowing users to find their deleted notes easier.

Collapse The Sidebar

Evernote also brings what it calls the "Slender sidebar option," which allows users to collapse the left sidebar and turn it into a slim navigation strip so they get more screen real state.

Enabling this feature is easy and hassle-free: either press F10 or go to View > Left Panel and activate it.

Hover Support For Faster Navigation

Handling notebooks is now faster thanks to the new hover navigation feature. With the latest update, hovering over the Notebooks section will now activate two options: search for an existing notebook or create a new one. The same hover functionality works with the Tags section as well.

Separate Spaces For Business And Personal

Up until now, it was not very obvious which notes were personal and which were business-related. The latest Evernote for Windows now addresses that shortcoming, offering separate spaces for personal and business so they're immediately distinguishable.

More Enhancements

Other improvements the new update has to offer include smarter search and discovery, better ways to organize by highlighting and color-coding notebooks and tags, a cleaner and crisper look thanks to high-DPI support, and more.

The app also gets a slew of improvements in terms of stability, quality and features. To try it out, download the latest Evernote for Windows and drop by our comment section below to let us know what you think of it.

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